Seriously how freaking hard is it to get anything done with a new baby.  Stuff that involves spraying seems to be harder than anything else because you don’t want your new baby breathing in anything nasty or toxic.

When I came across this article on Clean Mama on how to speed clean your bathrooms in 15 mins I was captivated… seriously how could that be possible?  Turns out it is!

Clean Mama also talks about getting a cleaning routine, so you tackle one thing everyday.  It’s one of my go to blogs to help me get tips on keeping our home in order. This still freaks me out and I’m missing that moment of sitting back and enjoyed a completely clean and shiny house BUT reality check…. that ain’t going to happen unless I have a cleaner of baby sitter and can get a few solid cleaning hours in.  So this has been a good solution, I’ve mixed it up to work for me and it feels so damn good, knowing I can nail one homekeeping thing each monday.

So Monday is Bathrooms.  By having a day for each major cleaning activity – it also means I can remember when it was last done, so my family has clean beds and towels along with a clean home.

Lets get too it…

Get everything you need:

  • Cloths or paper towel – I use Enjo cloths and paper towel
  • glass and mirror cleaner
  • disinfecting/ bathroom spray –  I like a non toxic home made one, it cleans just as well and I feel better knowing its safe for my baby and dog.  Here’s a list of my favourite home made cleaning products
  • toilet cleaner
  • rubbish bag/ bucket for dirty clothes and paper towel
  1. Clear your counters and sinks
  2. Squeeze toilet cleaner around your bowl and leave it sit
  3. Spray your Mirror and wipe clean
  4. Spray your counters, bath, shower, taps and toilet with your disinfecting bathroom spray.
  5. If you have more than one bathroom – go and spray the next one before coming back to wipe everything clean – this lets the disinfecting properties really work.
  6. Scrub toilet
  7. Wipe Bench, wipe sink, wipe tiles over bath, wipe bath, wipe shower, wipe toilet – Make sure you use different cloths so your not wiping toilet germs where you wash your face – gross!
  8. Pop dirty cloths in a bucket and go and wipe the next one
  9. Ta-dah!  All done.

This is a great lil video on giving your toilet a thorough clean in 3 mins!

On a daily basis, give the counters and sink a wipe down.  Just having it tidy helps me feel so much better.  You’ll note the floors are not done, which speeds up the process, floors happen another day, in our house it’s when my partner can take the dog and our baby for a walk so I get a clean run with the mop, otherwise I’ve done a late night mop once everyone is asleep – not often though, normally I’m just too tired!

Heres a great summary in pics from Clean Mama… frankly her cleaning caddy is much prettier and organised than mine!  If anyone knows where to get the white caddy from in Australia – let me know, it’s on my wish list!Step-by-Step-Clean-All-Your-Bathrooms-in-15-Minutes-via-Clean-Mama

How did you go?  Did you manage to whizz through in nap time? What do you think?




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