Your child’s first birthday is a major milestone event for any parent, especially for first-time parents. A birthday party for your one-year-old is a must-do event to celebrate for the parents, grandparents and the rest of your family and friends.  

As this is the first milestone birthday for your child, this is going to be an event to remember. Some might say that this is really a celebration for the parents as the baby won’t remember it. But there are several things you can do to help capture and record these special birthday moments, for both you and your child to treasure forever.

Make sure you get photos of everyone

Some family members might not be around for future birthdays. It is important to document these happy moments together at this event. Friends of the parents might also come and go over the years. A collection of photos of who was in your life and your baby’s first year of life will be interesting to look back on in years to come. 

There are several ways you can ensure this:

  1. Ensure everyone sends you their photos from the event. On the original invite, request people take a lot of photos that they can share with you later.
  2. If you use a hashtag for your event, ensure you find all the posted photos and save them to your computer and back it up somewhere secure. Many people are deleting their online profiles and will continue to do so. Don’t assume any photos from this day will remain online forever.
  3. Consider hiring a photobooth and get friends and family to take photos with yourselves and the birthday child. Many of the companies that hire these give multiple copies of the printout + also make these photos available digitally.
  4. Create a spot for taking your own photos with the baby and allow everyone to take their own photos.

As your child grows up, seeing good quality photos of themselves as a baby with all your friends and family will be something special to look back on. Their first birthday party is a great way to orchestrate this.

Film it like a home movie

In the world of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, people are taking photos and videos more than ever. However, the art form of the family home movie has been lost in recent times. Most videos are now recorded in portrait instead of landscape and uploaded to the internet as individual clips instead of saved on a videotape or DVD like they were in the past. There is a certain charm in watching long, unedited home movies full of candid moments that you don’t see much of anymore.  

Try to get access to a digital video camera rather than a phone for your event. Just ensure a few different people film throughout the day, so you get a video of everyone.

Create a scrapbook from the event

The art of scrapbooking might not be as popular as it once was, but a first birthday party is a perfect excuse to get into this modern art form. If you are planning to do this, here are some ideas of what to take photos and what other things you should keep from the event.

  1. Get photos of the cake before it is presented and ensure that you have photos of the cake and the baby. You should also have photos taken when “Happy Birthday” is sung. As the parent, ensure someone else is capturing these moments so you can enjoy the moment.
  2. Add photos of the party food to your scrapbook. You want to have photos of the first birthday cake and other dishes that friends and family have made for the event.
  3. Keep samples of the napkins, paper plates and cupcake liners. You can chop these up and use these to add some texture and souvenirs to your scrapbook.
  4. Photograph the presents.
  5. Save the birthday cards.
  6. Get personalised messages written on nice paper that you can add to the book with photos of the baby and the people who wrote the message.
  7. Print out the best photos from the day, including any that other people posted on social media. Try and ensure there is a photo of everyone who attended.
  8. If you also filmed the event, include a slip or pocket that can contain a DVD or USB stick with all the footage so you can keep all of this together forever.

After all is said and done, be careful not to overthink everything and try to live in the moment. You should be focusing on enjoying your child’s first birthday. If you don’t quite capture everything don’t worry, there’s always their second birthday.