You have never been so tired in your life, you have a little person that insists on being attached to you every hour of the day and this little person while extremely adorable can be rather demanding, wanting to be either fed or changed on a constant basis.

For some Mum’s it can feel like ground hog day and your motivation to do anything that involves physical exertion has now diminished to a new low. If you thought it was challenging to get to the gym before kids, you have just launched yourself into a whole new world of excuses.

As Mum’s we tend to prioritise everyone (even the family dog) before us but what does this achieve? It can leave you feeling tired, depressed and totally underappreciated. The first step to feeling a little more YOU after pregnancy is to begin to prioritise your own wellbeing and take small gentle steps to feeling a little more in control of your life. I always give my clients the analogy of an oxygen mask in a plane. You need to look after yourself before the ones you love. You may believe that they need you now, if you head down the path of self neglect then you are heading towards a not so happy or well Mummy long term.

Here are some small positive steps to get back on track after baby:

    1. Involve your baby.

      One of the nicest ways to settle and connect with your baby is to take a walk. By putting them in a carrier or a pram you can easily transport yourselves to a whole new outlook and get yourself back into gentle exercise. Start with a simple route that takes less than 10 minutes. By all means stretch this walk out to 30-40 minutes but the key here is to make it so easy and time efficient that you are able to maintain your walk on days when you are feeling tired and lacking in motivation (especially on these days).

      (This is a video of author Kelly and her little man doing a morning beach yoga session – so cute!)

  1. Take a mini escape to your personal paradise.

    Where is that place you daydream of on a regular basis? That place that you wish you could just zap yourself to on a quick vacation. Next time you are feeding your bub, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and transport yourself there. This is not only doing your own nervous system a world of good but has an on-flowing effect on your baby.

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  2. Go to a Virtual Studio

    While it is a lovely thought that you are going to join the local gym or yoga class as a new Mum it can be tricky to get the timing right and finding a place that you can take your little one as well. There are some fabulous classes that you can access online that can take you through safe, effective workouts that only require a mats worth of space to begin.
    There is a great selection on

    Otis Carthy - Luxe Fitness Noosa

  3. Buddy up.

    If you have another Mum who has a bub about the same age a shared exercise session can be a great way to connect and have some catch up time. Take it in turns to swim laps of your local pool, share the cost of a personal trainer or do a walk and chat (Mums walk much further when they are caught up in conversation).

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  4. Hire a professional.

    Those first initial months can be daunting and it can be great to have someone who has been through what you are going through and can provide you with a personalised active plan to assist you in creating the small pockets of time for yourself when you are Mum. Coaching is about finding life solutions that work for you and then creating long-term changes in your life. The great thing about technology is that you can do it from your lounge room and it is accessible anywhere you go.

Prioritising your wellbeing is not about being selfish but finding the small ways that you can reconnect with your own needs to be able to give to your family and loved ones for the long term. Our little people become mirrors of our own behaviours (yes, my son does yoga moves and boxing next to my clients) so whatever habits you are putting in place now have the power to set your children up for an active and nurtured life.

Share with us, what do you do to prioritise yourself?

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