Many new Mums tend to have one of two distinct looks at any given time – beautifully made up woman in control of everything, or hobo.

We do have those glorious moments when everything seems to fall into place, and we are able to present ourselves as that “has it all together” Mum we all dreamed we would one day be. Our makeup is perfect, our outfit is amazing (and clean!), and we appear to have all the energy in the world!

Then there’s every other day, where we’re sleep deprived, it’s a victory if our face is clean at all, and you’re asking for a battle to the death if you dare suggest we should put on anything but yoga pants and a t-shirt!

We have so much to tackle every day, and after layering on the fact that we lose the equivalent of 44 days of sleep in the first year of motherhood (yup, true story, a month and a half!), the last thing we have time for is trying to look like we care what we look like!

Just like anything else, if you want to squeeze it into your day as a new Mum, you better have some tricks up your sleeve to make it effective, efficient, and faster than the speed of light, or it’s just not happening!

Luckily, there are a few strategies you can use to look fresh faced and lively when running on no sleep.

Get Moving!
As simple as it seems, start your day with a couple minutes of stretching! Every area of your body, including your face, needs a good stretch to get the blood flowing and will help with giving you a rosy complexion and reduce under-eye puffiness.

Eye Cream
A good eye cream can do wonders, grab something that will help wake you up at the same time.  I like one with an extra caffeine boost!  It seems to help firm everything up and add an extra zing!

If you only have time to apply one bit of makeup, concealer is it! A few well placed dabs can hide those dark circles under your eyes, and make you look like you got a good night’s sleep.

Curl Your Eyelashes
Even if you aren’t applying mascara, giving your eyelashes a quick curl will make your eyes look wider, giving you a more alert appearance!

Caffeinate, Then Hydrate
After that much needed cup of coffee, have a nice tall glass of water. The caffeine will help boost your energy, and the water will not only help avoid that jittery feeling (and crash!) that can come from coffee on no sleep, but will help reduce puffiness in your face.

Quick Hot/Cold Boost
Get your skin glowing by soaking a face cloth in hot water and laying it on your face for about 10 minutes, then splash cold water a few times afterward. This will wake you up and give you a nice, healthy glow!

While I can’t promise these tricks will make you feel any less sleep deprived, they will certainly convince others that you are a healthy, happy, well rested Mama, and that’ll give you a boost in confidence to help get you through your day!

Let us know, what hot tips you have for “faking fresh”!

P.S  The caffeine eye cream from 100% pure is the bomb!  Totally natural so safe for breastfeeding and devine, click the link below and check it out – your mum “no sleep” bags will thank you….



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