Giving your child a birthday party that they’ll never forget is probably something that every parent would love to do. Childhood is such a magical time, and memories made can last a lifetime. With creativity, you can do something extraordinary for your child’s next birthday. 

Home Vs. Hired Venue

One consideration when it comes to hosting a children’s party is whether to have the party at home or hire a venue. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. At home you can minimise the costs significantly by not having to pay to rent the place. However, it is your home, and having lots of children running around it while eating party food may fill you with panic and dread. It can be a lot of work cleaning up before and after your child’s party, and when it’s happening in your home, it can sometimes be slightly more stressful. You’ll need to pay for food, but if you can prepare much of it yourself and keep the costs relatively low. 

Hosting the party in a community centre or a local hall might be a relatively cheap way of hiring a suitable venue. You’ll still need to provide the food, but you may need to consider that with a bigger venue, you may need to cater to more children, plus any parents who stay. There will be plenty of space for running about and playing games, though, which is always great for the kids.

Visit A Theme Park 

Why not visit a theme park? Many cater specifically for children’s birthdays, making them the perfect With lots of rides on offer and plenty of opportunities for fun. Your child and all of their friends will be able to enjoy lots of great party food too. It may be more expensive than a lot of other party options, but very enjoyable for the kids and there is likely to be very little for you to prepare. 

Hire A Child’s Entertainer

There are lots of great types of entertainer out there would be the center of your child’s birthday party. Magicians are always a massive hit with lots of inspiring tricks up their sleeves. Why not hire an entertainer that can do a mixture of comedy, magic, and music? That way, you will appeal to all of your child’s guests. 

Go To Laser Tag

Most towns and cities have a laser tag venue which can be hired out for a children’s party. If your child loves playing games and is active, then this might be great fun for them. Many venues even have the facilities to provide food and drinks after the game too. 

Ten-pin Bowling

Why not hire a couple of lanes in your local bowling alley for a party? You can often buy food and drink there, and many do group bookings to help keep the cost down. 

Soft Play

For younger children, a great option is to have a party at a soft play center. With climbing frames and ball pools, your kids will be amused for a very long time. There are usually excellent cafe facilities for parents to sit and relax while the children are running around. Very often there are facilities there for them to be able to provide food too. 

Party Bags

A kids party probably wouldn’t be complete without party bags; often if you are having a catered party, there might be the option to have party bags included. However, many places don’t offer this, and you might want to make your own. 

You can buy multipacks of bags from many supermarkets and high street stores, then think about getting multipacks of sweets. Often you can get some pretty big bags of sweets on offer that you can separate into party bags. 

Buy a small toy to go inside; you don’t want to spend too much as it’s not a competition. Think about something that might give a few minutes of amusement. Often you can buy multipacks of suitable toys that can be included in a party bag. Failing that, check in the pocket money sections of your local toy stores for inspiration. Items like yo-yos, bouncy balls, and fidget spinners are always popular. 


You’ll need a cake, and if you’re not so hot in the kitchen, chances are you’ll want to buy one. Why not get a special one made up based on your child’s favourite film, or computer game? You can often find local cake makers that specialise in children’s party cakes on Facebook. 

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