It’s quite interesting to see that one of the most functional forms of travel is often not discussed on many travel blogs. Of course it’s essential to know where you’re going, where you’re going to be staying, how you are going to fill your days, how to stay safe and what it all might cost. But it’s also just as essential to learn how to eat well abroad, and to stay safe while doing so.

But more than staying safe (it’s not as if you need to wade through a toxic wasteland for this,) is learning how to eat the best food. When abroad you often want to see the best sights, commit to the most memorable activities or learn about the breadth of a culture. But eating well abroad is often relegated to a second thought, unless we have some particular restaurant we wish to visit.

How should you eat well abroad? How should you consider food when over in a new country? We would like to explore that in the following advice:

Learn Food Safety Symbols

Learning the food and safety symbols abroad can help you avoid eating in places that are rated less than they should be. It will likely be numbered and quite easy to discern, but you can find them online before your visit should you care to. It can also be important to avoid certain trappings that might happen. Long lines and a busy restaurant? A good sign.

A waiter trying to forcibly convince you to come and eat at a location on the street? Not a good sign. While of course we do not mean to speak in general terms, but it can be important to observe where you eat with care before you order anything, as not all locations will be the strongest, and the last thing you wish for is food poisoning. The condition of the chairs, tables, menus and hygiene can all be great markers as to the quality of the place.


It’s all very well and good to grab a quick bite to eat at McDonalds if you wish to see how the culture’s interpretation of that fast food chain is different from back home. But of course, this will pale in comparison to the well-arranged and beautiful combinations of excellent street food, small cafes with signature staples, and amazingly reviewed humble businesses you could eat from. Whether you head online to look for ‘thai food near me,’ or you decide to even bring some of those ingredients to your accommodation and see if you can replicate a signature classic, eating abroad requires a care for authenticity. There are many cultures that will agree you can never fully understand the soul of a country unless you have experienced it with your stomach.

The Staples & Hidden Loves

There are always going to be hidden treasures just out of the way that are hidden from tourists. Befriending locals, speaking to them, asking them about the true experience can help you find the hidden gems that you may not otherwise have been directed to. This can elevate your eating habits to another level.

With these tips, you’re sure to eat well abroad. We hope you do.

Cover Image: Pexels