Everyone talks about sleep and how much your baby should be getting at different ages.  Not many people talk about how long your baby can handle being awake in between before they get overtired and the cycle can start on a very slippery slope.  Understanding the awake time was the biggest game changer in helping my little man get better at sleeping during the day.  Hope it helps!

Here are two tables that helped me understand sleep with my baby more than any of the books I read.

How much sleep does your baby need?

This is sourced from University of Michigan Health System

how much sleep does baby need


How long should my baby be awake between sleeps?

This is a great guide talking about how long babies should be awake in between naps… Sourced from My Baby Sleep Guide

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.10.35 am


For more reading on baby sleep, take a look at this article where we’ve provided links to a bunch of great articles we’ve found that helped mums.


Have you stumbled across a great resource that helped your baby become a great sleeper?  Let us know!