A lot of people will say there’s not heat like the Aussie heat, and they’re damn right. When the summer comes along, which we’ve just been suffering through, the heat can rise to such temperatures that it is almost safe to go outside. Whilst for us Aussies it is bearable, tourists heading here are always shocked to find how hot it truly is. But who are we to complain, we have some of the best summers in the world! But how do our homes feel about such heat? Well, sometimes they can suffer a bit. So we’re here to show you how you can make your home cope with the Aussie heat a little better.

Keep It Light & Airy

Pretty much every Aussie home should know by now that you have to keep things nice and light and airy if you want to survive the summer. Darker colours are going to be your enemy as soon as that sun comes around. So, the best design idea that we suggest you go for is bright white walls, with a nice grey carpet flooring and white furniture. Leather does look good, but we all know how easy it is to stick to leather furniture as soon as the temperature begins to rise. The same applies for all of the rooms, especially the bedroom. The bedroom can get pretty much unbearable during the night, so we highly recommend you allow good air flow through the room through the use of a ceiling fan and open windows. If it’s still too hot, using the air con for some of the night will help to keep you cool. But air cons are expensive, and the more you leave them on the more you’re going to spend!

Keep The Home Running Smoothly

The heat can sometimes halt how easy it is to keep a home running smoothly. In Australia, life just seems to slow down a little as the sun comes out. But the sun can also cause disasters that are hard to avoid. One of the most common is power outages, but fear not, you can shop now for backup generators that will help to keep your home running as smoothly as possible. As for the general maintenance of the home, all you need to do is divide up your tasks, and make sure you tackle them during the coolest parts of the day, hint, that’s usually the morning not the evening!

Use The Outdoors

We shouldn’t really need to tell you Aussies to use the outdoors, the outdoors should be your best friend. But for some reason, some people shy away from it due to fear of being burnt, sunstroke, or because the heat is just too intense. So, get yourself a veranda, get yourself a nice wine cooler, and get yourself some of the comfiest outdoor sofas possible to enjoy the outdoors. You can get verandas with built in fans to help keep you cool!

So, how do you feel your home copes with the Aussie heat after reading this? We’d love to know your views!


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