Happy New Year!  Heres to an exciting 2016 with our growing families.

Over the holidays I pondered the Mum Tips blog… A LOT….  my new baby is now 18 months old, does that make me a new mum anymore?  Is this something that I want to spend my limited time as a mum doing?  Is this the highest and best use of my time?

So many questions….

I have a business that I set up in 2011, that’s still cracking on and really, I would be better investing more time into that for the best monetary return on my time investment.  I also have an interest in health, wellness and creating a healthy “low tox” home with less fake food for my family.  And then there’s this blog…..  should I just stop…

I love helping new mums, In fact really I love helping anyone, I always have.  If I can offer something to make someones life better, then thats a great thing for me and I think that’s where this blog fits into the current scheme of things.  I really beat up on myself for not blogging consistently and letting it lapse as it fell to the bottom of the priority list over the last few months.

BUT HEY… it meant I had more time to create some great Christmas experiences for my family, catch up with friends and look after myself, so I’m not apologising for that.

This year the blog will evolve, my baby is now a full blown toddler, we have a lot of firsts to come and I’m still learning loads and getting some great tips on how to master the most important job in the world – Being a great mum.

These days I’m more focused on creating a great home space, continuing to work on my business and get rid of stuff that frankly I just don’t need or use anymore.  So the decision on the blog is to just keep writing and sharing whatever it is that is interesting to me on my son, family and home life.  I’ll keep sharing guest blogs from other new mums who would love to share their stories and tips to help make your lives a little easier.  I’m also going to be sharing some more reviews etc to bring in a touch of income to pay the costs of running the blog.

This year, I took the time to sit quietly for an hour (my boy has started sleeping for 2 hours during the day!  Yeeehaaaa!) I made a cup of tea and I took some time to contemplate what I’d like this year to look like.  Last year flew past in a blur of sleep deprivation!

Before doing this I took myself off to Kikki K and bought myself a new notebook or 3 to write down my goals and plans!

This year…

  1. Stay Healthy – I’m going to nail meal planning and be more organised to make the best food choices for my family.  As some of you know I did a few great courses online with Alexx Stuart around low tox living, realfood rockstars and Thrive which is around food for kids.  SO good and it really set me on the right path.  We also did a 30 day nutritional cleanse and reset which was so good, I’m doing it again on January 11th this year. (Let me know if you’d like to join us – the more the merrier.  We have some fab facebook support groups etc to help us stay motivated that I can join you into)
  2. Keep Decluttering – I’m not sure how I collected so much stuff, but it’s got to go.  It’s so much easier to keep the house in order and not feel like I’m drowning in chores with less stuff.  I was recommended the book “The Life Changing Magic of tidying up -by Marie Kondo”  Also known as the Konmari method.  With my man home I managed to read the full book in a few days and have started making changes that already make me feel lighter.
  3. Finish our renovations – we got so close last year and then put it on hold until after the holidays.  I need to lock in some time to finish painting and get the carpet laid in my little mans brand new room.  I’m super excited to see that completed!
  4. Work smarter –  In the pre baby days I had a fast paced growing business, I hosted a weekly radio segment for start up businesses, went to a zillion networking events, parties etc.  Now things are different and with the choices and changes I decided to make when I became a mum, my income is less and for most of last year I found that really difficult.  I’m stopping and appreciating that while I downsized my business to only work with clients I really love and enjoy working with, I really have a great business. I get to spend most of the week with my boy and work from 9 – 3 one day a week.  Really, while it was an adjustment, I’m so glad I took time 5 years ago to plan a business that I could work in when I had a family.  This year I’d like to see the mum tips blog monetised so it’s earning not eating my cash!
  5. See my friends and family more.  My little one hated the car so much when I called Tressillian they suggested I caught a bus for a year….. it meant that I caught up with local friends, but not anyone who was a drive away, unless they came to me.  He’s sorted now, so it’s time to get the diary out and lock in some long over due catch ups.
  6. Have more fun!  This year I’m going to stop stressing about all the little stuff and focus on the big things that really matter.  I’m doing more of what makes me happy and less of what gives me the shits.  That means lots and lots of snuggles with my boy before he gets too big and I might just need to fight for them.  It means getting out in nature for hikes, beach time and picnics. It means planning ahead too lock in date nights with my spunky man and time with the girls when I can focus and am not chasing a toddler.
  7. Be the best mum I can. I figure if I can do even OK at the stuff above, this one will fall into place.  It may sound rah rah, but I lost myself a bit in the journey into motherhood and to be the best mum, I need to be the best me first.

What about you?  What do you plan to do in 2016?  Let me know in the comments.

Keep me posted on where you are at and if you’re after anything specifically that would help you as a mum.  I love hearing from you and sharing in the adventure motherhood.

Thanks for reading everyone and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you this year.

Shona x