Why is it that once your tiny human arrives there is a crazy need to become a perfect mother, partner and keeper of the home?

There is so much reading and research to do as a new parent as you try and work out how to do the best you can do to love and nurture your little one, all at the same time you’re hoping the wheels don’t come off.  Some Mums just seem to have it all together, taking to their new role and identity without a worry in the world…. that was SO not the case for me!

It’s in all the reading, that my partner suggested  I started this blog as a catch all of information, I’ve personally found handy and to share the collective wisdom and stories of other new mums/parents.

If you’re over reading baby blogs and keen to shift your focus to trying to regain some sort of order in your world, these are some of the blogs I’ve found really fabulous.

Clean Mama

I Love this site for the cleaning routines and tips.  She also has a bunch of chemical free cleaning solutions that are great.  I’m in love with her sink scrub at the moment, it leaves the kitchen so fresh!



Alexx Stuart

My sister in law and numerous friends suggested Alexx Stuarts Low Tox course – so good!  Essentially it’s a 30 day online program where you learn about a different area each day.  She presents it in a way that is empowering and really interesting.  I loved waking up each day with a new project that would improve the health of my family and home, Alexx is totally down to earth and inspiring.  Alexx was even kind enough to write a blog for New Mum Tips – Top 5 Tips for new mums , when it comes to bringing up a low tox bub.  If you stop by her blog you’ll find great real food recipes (I’m a fan of her winner winner chicken dinner) and articles that give you options for chemical free product replacements.


I heart Organizing

A good friend put me onto this one, showing me some amazing tiles for a fireplace surround.  I’m addicted!  So many simple tips and tricks to create amazing spaces and help your home run a little bit smoother.  The first task I did was label my little boys bedroom – his dad can now put his stuff away in the right places and get him dressed without asking where stuff is.  He even admitted that he likes the system!  Now for the rest of the house…. one drawer at a time!


The organised housewife

This was the original blog I started following that kick started my “I’m going to nail this parenting and keeping a great home job mission”.  I quite liked the daily email with just one task outside of the normal day to day stuff… until one day cleaning the skirting boards was a little overwhelming!  Now I check in from time to time and use it as a fabulous source of information if I am trying to work out how to do something better. It’s a great one to have a read through and the social media posts are great.  Loads of recipes and handy tips – this family fun activity jar is a cute idea, heaven knows how many weekends we’ve wasted being so sleep deprived we’ve not been able to make a decision!

Family Fun Jar - The organised housewife

An App to keep me organised

I’ve taken bits from all of the above blogs and I use an app called Home Routine.  One of my best mum friends laughed at me, but you know after almost 2 years and not a full night sleep, some days I just need a list to tell me what to do next. I also love the sense of accomplishment of being able to cross stuff off a list!


There are SO many great blogs out there at the moment, it’s hard to choose a couple to focus on and read without getting an inbox full of overwhelming emails.

I’d love to hear what some of your favourite blogs are?  Let me know in the comments.





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