Congratulations! You know someone who is a new parent. When it comes to choosing a baby gift, you will want to choose something that’s practical and useful, that will help make their lives just that little bit easier, but at the same time will show them how much you care and how much you share their joy at their wonderful new arrival.

Here’s five great gifts you can give to new parents that are actually useful (and will be greatly appreciated)!

Don’t give a photo frame, organise a photo shoot

Gifts for new parents

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A photo frame is a nice thought – new parents will be taking photo after photo of the new addition to the family after all! But sorting through them and printing the good ones is virtually impossible when the washing basket is overflowing and no one’s had a hot dinner (and possibly a shower) for the last couple of weeks.

Get them a voucher for a photography shoot instead. Mum and dad will surely enjoy the special pampering that goes along with it. And of course, there’s some beautiful pictures to take home at the end of the day to share with family and friends on social media – where they’ll be seen far more than a frame on the wall!

Don’t Get Flowers, Get a Baby Clothes Bouquet

Gifts for new parents

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It’s a tradition to bring along a bunch of flowers when visiting family and friends in the hospital or at home on a special occasion. And although this too is a lovely thought, in reality the flowers will go unnoticed next to the bundle of joy and inevitably shrivel up and die within a week. Even the most expensive bouquets will sadly end up tossed into the bin in a few short days.

Instead you can take a useful twist on this traditional gesture and get them a Babycupcakes Bouquet instead! The bouquet replicates a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers wrapped in tissue paper, but instead of a bunch of blooms, each precious bud is an item of baby clothing. Made from 100% certified organic cotton, bouquets contain a bodysuit, bib, hat, and socks, or choose a bouquet made entirely from cute baby socks!

Give them a hand

Gifts for new parents


One of the best gifts new parents can receive is the offer of a helping hand. It really helps mum and dad relax when they know that someone is going to cook them hot dinners for a week, or that the house will get cleaned or the laundry will be done. Helping out with other tasks such as picking up the shopping, or tackling the much-needed ironing, will certainly put a smile on their tired faces. You can get creative and print out some vouchers, and list on them the services you’re willing to volunteer so they can “cash them in” when they need it most. But if you think the new parents will be too shy to ask and the vouchers will end up in the cupboard, just call to their house with a week of dinners in freezer containers and pop them in the fridge!

A New Baby Gift Hamper

Gifts for new parents

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Relatives love to purchase the most adorable (and expensive) cuddly toys for new babies, but these often clutter the house and end up in the attic before the baby is even old enough to appreciate them!

For a more useful gift, get the new parents a new baby hamper filled with useful bits and pieces, as well as some treats for the bub (and the parents)! Something like this Beautiful Brights Baby Hamper, which has some much deserved bubbles for the tired and excited parents to toast the new arrival, as well as some essentials for the baby like organic bath soap and nappy cream, as well as some educational toys and books – much better for holding baby’s attention and keeping them happy than a cuddly toy!

Boxt has so many more new baby gift inspiration for you to choose from – each thing more adorable than the last! Check out the full range of new baby hampers and gifts here!


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