Anyone who is travelling or has friends or family travelling with young kids knows that space is at a premium when you move into a caravan for an extended period of time.  That means that every gift needs to be light, have multiple used and not sit around unused.  Here’s a few gift ideas for toddlers travelling in a Caravan.

Here are just a few ideas that we’re a win for us travelling with a 2 1/2 year old boy.



Of all the kids sunnies I’ve seen, I love the Babiator Range.  They have flexible arms which means they’re less likely to get snapped off and are shatterproof when twisted or thrown on the ground – essential with a baby or toddler!  There are a bunch of options – polarised or standard, classic aviator or different styles and loads of colours, so your bound to find something cool to suit and protect your little person.

  • Accessorized: Each pair comes with an awesome sunglasses silhouette bag and a lens cloth
  • Safe: UV400 lenses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they’re safe for your child
  • Durable: Flexible rubber frames and impact- and shatter-resistant lenses won’t break when you bend or twist them. Trust us, we’ve tried.
  • Awesome: Mirrored lenses amp up the cool factor on our classic aviator frame and our new navigator frame to help kids express their rad personal styles
  • Guaranteed: The best part? If you lose or break them in the first year, we’ll replace them for free. All you pay is shipping.



This is an essential item for kids travelling and I just love how the scrunch bucket squashes up because I can ram it into the side pocket of the car, so if we stumble upon a beach or bush area that a bucket makes a handy toy or collection tool, it’s always on hand.  Having an amused toddler keeps us sane and happy as well.  The biggest challenge I had on these ones was picking a colour!

Suction Bath Toys


I love the Boon Pipes.  Five pipes in different bright colours and shapes, make for endless fun.  Mix and match them to make different tracks in the bath.  Add a cup to the mix and you can extend it to imaginary play with coffee machines, cups of tea, ice-cream shops etc.  I also love with these that I can stick them to the side of the caravan outside on hot days with a plastic tub underneath and viola – the van has a pool, so luxurious!


It’s always fun to get fresh books to read, these are just a few books we’re loving at the moment.

Press Here – is lots of fun to read, press the spots, shake the book and see what happens to all the dots and colours.  I’m loving reading this at the moment.

Press Here

Room on the Broom – A gift from cousins, a cute story about friends and sharing.

Room on the Broom

Time for Bed – The book that keeps on giving.  Time for Bed is always a winner for bedtime and I wouldn’t dream of travelling without it.


Australians let us BBQ – lots of fun with a CD.  I love this because it talks about the different places around Australia we have visited or will be visiting on our travels.

Australians let us BBQ Book



My son has started to ask to sleep with the light on, that’s not going to fly with the whole family sleeping in a caravan.  We needed something dimmer, LED lights and battery operated.  This one ticks the boxes.  I love that it’s light and I can move it around as needed so it’s brilliant for a mobile solution.  It was suggested I made one out of solar lights, which I’d have a go at, but was totally chuffed with my son was given a similar light to this from his Aunty and Uncle!


You know how quick kids grow and I was thrilled to get some gorgeous new outfits.  We’re too busy getting out and about to spend time shopping.  It’s bugging me not having an address and not being able to online shop!

Ring Toss


What 2 year old doesn’t love throwing things!  We love that Ring Toss gives him a focus and we can all play when we’re chilling out at the van.


Data or Itunes cards.

Movies or TV series are a lifesaver when you have an overtired or unsettled little person and everyone needs a chillout.  Or you have a long drive and some in car entertainment becomes a total sanity saver.  They take up no room and goodness knows, the parents will love you for it.  Hey get one for them too – being stuck in a caravan in wet weather a TV series is awesome!

Do you have any fabulous ideas – share them in the comments.  Happy Travels!