Every parent should thrust open the wardrobe in the room for their baby and not have to worry about some kind of missing clothes. This of course has to be done, before the baby even comes home. So a few weeks before the birthing day, you should set out a target of buying lots of different clothes for the baby which will be, for almost any situation. Remember that your baby might have different needs, such as clothes that don’t irritate his or his skin, not get the body temperature too high, not be too thin during the night but also allow the baby to move around freely. It’s not like adults where we can just put anything on and walk out the door. The newborn will need to be protected from the cold, the sun and also the general wear and tear of a growing body. 

Stretchy full suits

During the autumn and the winter, babies need their entire bodies wrapped up warm. However they also want to move freely, crawl and roll around on the floor. There are lots of different kinds of clothes that can allow this but you should mainly look for stretch suits. Some suits don’t have a hood for the baby’s head and only go up to the neck. Some suits have zips and others have buttons while some use velcro. You should buy a suit that is stretchy, allows the baby to stretch and move without the suit compressing on his or her limbs. It will also support heavy breathing for when the baby is crying or very excited. Make sure to buy a suit that has a detachable hood so the baby’s head doesn’t overheat.


Out in the sun

The newborn baby will require fresh air just like you will when they finally come home. But when it’s a warm day you also don’t want too much of his or her skin exposed. Check out this website where they have baby rompers of different kinds. Made out of cotton there are some rompers that are loose fitting and allow for air flow. Other rompers are made out of soft denim, so much stronger and longer lasting. They have both short sleeve and long sleeve styles which come in classic baby blue. 

On the feet

Baby footwear isn’t that important when compared to other things. The baby isn’t going to be walking for quite some time but even still, your child does need socks to keep their feet warm. Careful not to buy pure wool socks as this can be irritating to sensitive skin. However a fine cotton or nylon is great for newborn babies as there is very little irritation but the heat is trapped within the fibers. Try not to buy crowned socks either as they tend to have a tight band and can dig into the skin easily. A simple snug fit will do on most babies.

Before the baby comes home from the hospital, make sure your wardrobe for the child has all of these things. A stretchy suit is very versatile and can be worn both inside and outside.