Winter AKA 3 month Snotty nose, cold and flu season is here!

Navigating it as a first time mum can be tricky to work your way through the thousands of options to make a snotty little one more comfortable.  From our experience last year, I’ve just stocked up and prepped to make sure we’re good to go when it cold and flu season hits – which it will, because I’m not going to bubble wrap my baby and he’ll probably lick a snotty playground swing or something gross.

Our little one is almost 2 now – that time flew by, so the list has a few things not suitable for newborns, so please check with your Dr if in doubt and don’t rely on Dr Google!  If your baby is sick overnight or after hours, you may like to read this post on who to call if my baby is sick overnight.

These are a few things we have on board to help us get prepared for when a blocked nose kicks in after the chemist has closed, all of them recommended to us from other mums.

Tissues… lots of them, single packs in the pram or go hard and just pop a full box underneath!


Panadol / Nurofen – interesting my Dr said yesterday he prefers nurofen at night because of the anti-inflammatory properties that it can help with swollen membranes.  I’m not a Dr, it’s just what he  said and it made sense to me.


Thermometer – I love this medescan thermometer because I can use it without waking my baby up.  It’s also brilliant to travel with because you can do a quick check of the room temperature before bed or overnight. One of the best things we bought and I’m glad we anti upped on this one.


Vapour Rub – If you’ve been reading the blog, you’ll know I’m a little bit crunchy and I don’t love all the chemicals in our home or in products we choose to use on our skin.  I love the Simple as that baby vapour rub as it doesn’t have any nasty petroleum or chemicals so I’m comfortable to use it on my boys skin. (there are a bunch of products we share as a family – this is one of them and you can read about the rest here)


Vaporiser – If your bub has a horrible cough, steam can help.  This vaporiser is on my wish list – mostly because the steam function won’t burn little hands and it seems to be a more gentle humidifier so the room won’t get damp and also because it looks good, not massive and clunky like so many I’ve seen.  We live in Sydney and have enough damp without additional water running down the walls!  I like the idea of some additional moisture and some smell to clear blocked noses, but not a full wet room.


Bubble Bath – Steam, Steam, steam…. if you can make the bathroom nice and steamy and keep baby entertained in the steamy space, it works a treat on clearing blocked noses.  Not your traditional cold and flu treatment, but it works in our house for some more steamy fun.

pineapple heads

Nose Sucker – We’ve had various success with these, but I have mum friends who swear by them, so it’s going on the list. The saline is handy for crusty noses, but it does come with a warning that not many babies love being sprayed up the nose.


Heat Pack – nothing beats a mum or dad cuddle and it’s nice to snuggle into something warm and cosy when you first tuck into bed.  How cute is this one, my boy is using my standard wheat pack, but this is just a bit cute!

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 2.38.07 PM

We’re trying the Brauer runny nose liquid at the moment, if it works, I’m off to get my hands on some of this  baby cold and flu relief for the medicine cabinet.



Water bottles – Hydration is key when your bub is unwell, so keep them drinking as much as you can.  I love the lifefactory glass bottles with the sippy cup lid, it makes it easy to see how much is being drunk and being glass they are easy to sterilise to get any mucky germs off.


Woollen underlay on the cot – we added one of these last winter and it’s divine, so cosy!


Cosy sleeping bag – After trying loads of different sleeping bags, we settled on Merino Kids as a natural wool option.  You can read a post I did last winter on rugging up for winter about why we chose a wool sleeping bag.


Cosy blanket to snuggle under – Nothing makes a sick child feel better than some cosy snuggles with mum or dad.  So download some favourite shows or movies and settle in for some gorgeous snuggles on the couch with your baby. We bought this Babu wool cot blanket last year for the pram and cot and can highly recommend it.  It’s gorgeous and so, so cosy.



TIP: Raising the mattress on the cot can help with blocked noses as well, a folded towel or blanket under the mattress can lift up bubs head to make breathing a little easier, just don’t go too high and turn the cot into a slide!
TIP: Grab some anti bacterial wipes and give the common touched places in your home a once over to avoid spreading germs.  Door handles, light switches, toys that are sucked on – just pick something natural and safe for baby.

Have you got a great tip to get your baby through cold and flu season?  Let us know, we’d love to share the love and make another mums life just that little bit easier


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