I’m in the baby-change room of a local shopping centre.  Bubba is lying on top of the change mat, wriggling, screaming at the top of her lungs.  So far, I’ve still got my wits about me; having been a parent for a bit over a year it now takes quite a bit to embarrass me.  Next comes the clincher.  Bubba’s cute little hand reaches into her diaper.  Poop smears everywhere.  My face turns red with embarrassment.  I don’t have enough hands!

Yep, my bubba is energetic, lovable, silly…. and the number one squirmer in the world.  She hates diaper changes with a passion and makes it her mission to escape every single one of them.  Here are some tried and tested tips that may help, if your bubba is a squirmer also!   

  1. Talk and/or Sing to Bubba

Start chatting to bubba before you lie her down.  Point out things of interest in the room and ask questions. See that elephant mobile up there?  What colour is it?  It’s yellow!  How many elephants are there?  Let’s count together….1, 2, 3…. Make silly faces.  Sing songs!  Nursery rhymes work particularly well.  

  1. Give Bubba a Toy/ Something to Hold

Give bubba something to hold to keep their hands busy; preferably something that they haven’t seen before.  It doesn’t even have to be a toy.  My bubba much prefers playing with tissue packets than the cute little crinkly blanket I bought for her from Etsy (I’m still trying to get her to take to it, five months down the track! Haha)

  1. Have your set up ready to go (I know this is pointing out the obvious)

Open your wipes, have the diapers and nappy cream ready to go.  Lay everything out!  Invest in some good quality equipment.  Nappy wallets are great.

No, these tips don’t always work.  But they help somewhat.  When all else fails, just revel in the shared parenting experience.  I’ve found other parents to be some of the most understanding people in this world; no one is out there to judge.



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