If you have got school aged children, or will have in the coming months, then it won’t be too long until you will hear about the parent-teacher association or organisation. They may put on events or fundraisers to help raise money for the school, for all of the extra stuff that schools can’t afford to pay for. They can be a really worthy association, that often gets given a little bit of a bad reputation. And while you don’t have to volunteer as the chairperson, there are still plenty of ways that you can get involved. Here are just some of the ways that you could help in your child’s school community.

  • Budgets at school can be pretty tight and only cover the basics. So if you want your kids to have a better learning experience, through the use of things like interactive whiteboards or additional equipment, then this can be what is funded by the PTA. You don’t have to pay for it yourself; rather, just give a little of your time to arrange something that will raise money.
  • Being on the school’s PTA means that you can get a good idea of what goes on behind the scenes. The headteacher or a teacher will be present at each meeting and want to be involved. So you can get a good relationship with those very people that will be around your children and influencing them.

  • If your career has taken a little bit of a backseat since having children, then it can be a good way to put some of your skills to good use. You could look for school formal venues to help arrange dances or even a ball for parents. You could help with admin in a secretary role in the PTA, or help with the accounting and money side of things if that is where your expertise lie. So you can get involved and use our skills; such a good idea.

  • If you are new to the area or don’t have a massive community of support around you, then it can be a great way to make plenty of friends. The PTA will be full of like minded parents, and will meet fairly regularly to implement changes and plan events and fundraisers. Of course, you can meet socially too! So it can be a great way to make some great friends.

  • Sometimes it can feel like you are asked for money here, there, and everywhere when you have kids at school. But if you are helping to organise the event or are volunteering your time, then it can be a great way to have to not feel as financially pressured. You are doing good, without having to reach into your pocket all of the time.

  • Having a PTA, and rough idea of some money that will be raised each year, can be a great thing for the school. They can almost plan it into their budget, so that the school can do all that it can to meet the needs of the students.

All you need to give is your time, but joining the PTA can be a great way to get involved and really make a difference.

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