Children’s bedrooms can sometimes be incredibly boring when you think about it. When you are a child you have a much more active imagination and a lot of the time this will manifest itself in what we do and what we love to see. To feed your child’s imagination and give them somewhere to have fun in this year, here are some ways to spruce up the bedroom and make it feel magical.

A princess castle

For those little girls out there who love disney princesses and have a favourite one which they always dress up as… a great idea would be to turn their bed into a princess castle. For this you will be some wooden boxes, some plywood, a saw, paint and varnish. Start off by buying a decent childrens mattress and bed frame for your little girl. On either side of the bed you can create stairs using a couple of boxes glued together, and you can paint them pink. For the castle, measure the foot and head of the bed and cut plywood sheets to the same width. Sketch a castle design on the plywood so that it high on each and cut it out. Paint into a castle and fix to the bed!

A race car bed

In the same way which you make your little girl a princess bed, you could make your little boy or girl a racecar bed by making stairs on each side again and creating the front of the car on the foot of the bed, and then sticking a steering wheel at the foot of the bed so that your child can role play.

A starry sky

For those children who love the magic of the stars and sometimes struggle to get to sleep, one great idea for the room is to make the ceiling into a starry galaxy sky. Start off by painting the ceiling dark navy. Use white, purple and pink paint on a sponge to make the shape of galaxies. Paint small

White dots and stars for the stars in the sky. To make things more magical you can buy glow in the dark star stickers and place these all over the ceiling. When your child goes to bed at night they will see the stars glowing in the sky.

An art wall

We all know how children love to be creative and let their heart and soul out onto the page, and you can give them the perfect opportunity to do this but creating a wall which they can create their own art on each and every day. Choose a wall or a section of a wall in your child’s room and find a giant whiteboard to cover half of it. You can then use chalk paint on the other half so that you child has a blackboard and a whiteboard to doodle on! If you are really brave you can leave one wall in the room completely blank and give your child permission to paint whatever they want on it!



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