Are you starting a business; or reinventing your career? There are many ways to change your financial status. Alongside no-interest loans for low-income earners, startups and career-driven individuals can also implement a mindset change to fast-track success. That said, as much as effort and a positive attitude are both fundamental to success, they have to be used together, effectively. The following five steps lay the foundations for reinventing yourself financially. 

  1. Identify the Problem

You have 24 hours in a day, and at least six of those can be spent earning money. Decide what each hour of your life is worth to you and then figure out whether that’s what you’re actually earning. If not, identify the issue – is your salary too low? If you’re paid commission, are you finding simple tasks to be too time-consuming, or is there a shortage of quality leads? Be honest with yourself; it is essential to find the areas that are blocking your income-generating potential. 

2 Identify Your Destination

Once you have identified the reason your income isn’t matching your needs, picture overcoming that obstacle. Is your salary too low? Picture yourself in a new job. Those time-consuming processes, picture them streamlined and automated. It doesn’t matter if it’s unrealistic. Once you have your vision, you know what you need to manifest. Take your time here and daydream. Let your imagination run away with you as this is what will bring you to a solution. 

  1. Set Your trajectory

Once you have your vision, you can turn it into a goal by creating steps. Each step is an action that will take you from where you currently are to where you want to be. It can be a tiny step, as long as it involves progression. Is there a software system that can automate those tedious processes? Get onto Google and research. If you’re unsure, speak to a career counsellor to help you flesh out each step in a way that makes it attainable. 

  1. Take Action 

Anyone who studied Hamlet in High School will know that “thinking” and “doing” are seldom done to the same degree at the same time. It’s a tug of war – when one eases off, there’s more room for the other. If you’ve followed the first steps, you’ve done all the thinking you need. Now it’s time to mute the thoughts and take action. Your mind will try to talk you out of it or tell you to skip some steps. Ignore it and keep striving towards your goals. 

  1. Have a Breather

In life, everything has a season. There is a season to work hard without measuring your results, and a season to stand back and take stock of your efforts. Then comes the season to plan, and then get back to the grindstone. Give yourself a breather after implementing the steps on your list. Look at the ways in which you are succeeding and look at the areas you are struggling with. If you’re not reaping the rewards you were hoping for, evaluate what you have done and what you can still do. Re-envision your situation minus your struggles and implement all of the steps again. 

The Mindset for Success

Part of the mindset for success involves knowing when to engage your thinking brain, and when to engage your muscles by taking action. It also means that once you have set your trajectory, you need to focus only on that goal. If you try to achieve competing goals all at once, you will find your energy spread too thin, and you won’t be able to enjoy the financial freedom you’re looking for. 


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