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Father’s Day is right around the corner (it’s 4 September this year, so mark your calendars!), so it’s time to start planning the big day. This is the day to show your dad (or your Baby-Daddy!) how much the family truly cares for him, so don’t be afraid to go full on! Read on for some fun Father’s Day activities for dads of any age and clever gifts to go along with to make the day even more special.

Family, Beer & a BBQ


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Dads young and old love the opportunity to spend quality time with their kids (or grandkids!), and with Father’s Day falling in the middle of spring, it usually marks the beginning of some warmer weather on the way, so do your best to get the whole family together and host a Dad’s Day BBQ in your backyard or a nearby national park.

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Be sure to bring along a footie ball, and get everyone in on the game. And it’s not a true Aussie barbie unless there’s plenty of cold stubbies, so stock up before you head out. This Big Bucket Medley gift hamper from Boxt (available for delivery Australia-wide) gives you loads of variety so that you and dad can bond over trying all the different beers to see which is your favourite. Take this opportunity to really connect with dad, asking him questions about his childhood and his dreams for the future. You may be surprised at some of the things you never knew about him.

Play a Round of Golf

Depending on dad’s skill and energy level, you can go for either a full course or a shorter nine-hole version. Whichever you choose, make sure it includes plenty of time at the 19th hole – the bar of course! – for drinks and snacks after the round. Make it clear that dad’s money is no good and all the rounds are on you. If you’ve got little ones, opt for a fun game of putt-putt or Supa Golf instead. This light-hearted game is fun for all ages and still gets dad his golf fix for the day.

Watch a Footy Match


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Both the AFL and NRL are in full swing, so snag some tickets for you and dad. Bonus points if it’s the Grand Final! Even if you can’t attend a match on Father’s Day, it’s still a great gift that dad can look forward to in the coming weeks. To keep the footy theme going, tuck the tickets into a footy gift hamper, like this Dad’s Footy Gift Hamper from Boxt. You can enjoy the beer and snacks on the way to the pitch to get psyched up for the match.

Give Dad some R&R

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Dad might put on a good show of being the tough guy – loving to fix things around the house, camp in the wilderness and play rough and tumble with the kids, but all dads have a secret soft spot for the finer things in life too. Dads are hard-working guys and they deserve some rest, relaxation and pampering every now and again! Get Dad a pamper gift hamper, pour him a glass of wine, break off a few squares of chocolate and get the kids to pull their weight by taking turns giving him a shoulder massage with his pamper lotion. Dad will be in relaxation heaven!

Cook him a meal of his choice

Booking a table at a restaurant can be a total nightmare for Father’s Day – not to mention the price hikes and mediocre set menus that get rolled out for the occasion! Instead, buy Dad a cook book and get him to choose the meal he’d like to eat. Then take a quick trip to the shops to get the ingredients and get the whole family involved in the preparation of dad’s special meal – what could make him feel more loved than the whole family fussing over his dinner!

If you’ve read through these stellar ideas and still haven’t found the right gift for Dad, not to worry – Boxt have a whole host of other Father’s Day gifts to choose from – check them out here! Whatever you do, we hope you have a fantastic Father’s Day!