It’s important to teach children about charity and helping others, and the best way to do this is to lead by example. By teaching your children about the importance of doing their bit to help those less fortunate, you can help them to become conscientious adults who are a part of their community. Getting involved in fundraising activities as a family is a great way to teach them about the value of fundraising, as well as give you something fun to do together that will help you create lots of happy memories. Here are some suggestions on fun fundraising activities that the whole family can take part in.

Baking for bake sales

Bake sales often happen in schools, workplaces, shops and other places which always welcome home-baked goods by volunteers. Baking together to make tasty treats to sell to raise money is a fun family activity you can do together, with some great baking recipe suggestions for kids that you can try. As you all grow more confident in your skills, you can adopt signature dishes and compete to see who can sell the most of their special cake.  This is great for families with young children or those who aren’t particularly active.

A fun run

There are many fun runs out there designed for families. From muddy challenges to short distances, you don’t need any sort of athletic ability to take part. If you did want to make it more of a challenge, you could train together as a family, either through taking part in walks together or even attempting a run. Fun runs are a wonderful way to take part in something together and could be a good excuse for you all to boost your fitness too.

Arrange a charity drive

Charity drives, like those inspired by the No Bird Bash, are an excellent fundraising activity that is perfect for families and helps raise money for others. The goal is to plan a road trip that you can ask friends and family to sponsor you for that will see you drive through many locations and document your efforts. This could be a great excuse for your holiday this year and allow you to raise some money while you’re at it. You’ll find plenty of inspiration for family trips that will help you create some great memories while knowing you were helping a good cause too.  

A charity bike ride

A charity bike ride is another great way to raise money as a family while getting active. Plan your trip and set your distance (it can be done over a day or many days) and get people to sponsor you either through a fundraising page or through social media, etc. Biking together will be a rewarding experience and help you to explore some beautiful sights, and the training involved can help you all get fitter too.

Donate your clothing/toys/household items

This is an easy fundraising activity that all families should do from time to time. By donating old clothes, toys and household items, you can help those in need and enjoy a healthy cleanse of your home too. Some items can be sold on behalf of charity, which can be a very rewarding experience if the whole family takes part. Hosting your own charity auction is another way you can raise some money by selling off your things that are no longer needed, and you could even get the school, your workplace or your neighbors involved to join in the fundraising. As one of the easier fundraising activities, you’ll find this one easy to do as a family and can become an annual event.

Host a golf or tennis tournament

A fun family charity tournament can help your wider family get involved and serves as a great idea for a family reunion while raising money for a good cause. Ensure that everyone pays and entrance fee so that the money can be collected to go to a charity. If you’re feeling brave, you can invite spectators to come along and ask them to sponsor different players to help raise further money for the charity of your choice.

Helping to raise money for a charity can be a fun and rewarding activity, made all the more memorable when the whole family gets involved. They say that charity begins at home and by making it start in your home, you can help other families and children in need. Good luck with your fundraising and enjoy helping those in need.

Cover Image: Pexels