There’s nothing better than having an amazing adventure with the people you love most, right where you live. Maybe not technically in your own back garden (although it’s possible) – simply exploring and enjoying your home town/city in ways you never have before. Here’s how you can start doing this to save money and air miles & have more fun:

Camp Out In Your Back Garden

Ok, if you truly want an adventure in your own back garden, you can. Camp out! Camping out in your own back garden may seem strange, but it can be a lot of fun. Set up your tent, make some camping food and snacks, then take your snuggliest blankets and pillows and camp out under the stars. This can be a super fun activity for the school holidays when the weather is good, and it’ll give you and your kids a great story to tell. You’ll all bond more too – especially if you make the ‘camping trip’ authentic enough to leave technology in the house.

Go Somewhere New You’ve Always Wanted To Go

Think of somewhere in your town/city you’ve always wanted to go, and go there. It might be a new restaurant, a gallery, or somewhere completely different and strange. Plan to go sooner rather than later, so it doesn’t get put on the back burner. Just because you live in a place doesn’t mean you can’t explore it like a tourist!

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Look At Things From A Different Perspective

Most people don’t realise that they’re not actually bored of their city or town. They simply need to look at it through a new perspective. This can be hard at first, especially when the eyes are accustomed to seeing the same things everyday; things we have become desensitised to. Just try to go somewhere you’ve been before and look at it with fresh eyes. Notice the detail on a building you walk past every day. Breathe in the fresh air. Look at how the leaves sway in the breeze. Teach your kids to do this too. Looking at things with fresh eyes like this can help everybody to stay in the moment and have a better time! One great way to try this is by looking at drone tours, where you can literally take things to a whole new perspective with the help of a drone. You can take pictures of your adventures too – great for the family album!

Take A Hike

Families who stay active together tend to be much closer, not to mention fitter in comparison with other families. How about you look up hiking routes close to you and pick one at random? You may want to take difficult level into account before you set off, however. Some will be far easier than others and suited to young kids. Others may require you have special walking boots and things to complete it safely.

Sometimes, having a family adventure is more about the way you look at things than how far you go and what you do!