Your kids are your world, and as their parent, you are too! And because of this, any changes to your part in the family dynamic, or in the relationships you have, are going to ripple down onto them too – it’s not something we ever want to happen, but kids are far more perceptive than we like to think!

So to make sure that they can cope with any changes in the future, or that they’ll at least understand what’s going on within their own mini world as they’re growing up, here’s a couple of tips on how you can explain a change in the family to them.

Talk to Them as a Couple

No matter what it is you and your partner are going through, being able to put this aside for the sake of presenting a united front to your kids is paramount. You want them to know that Mummy and Daddy still love them very much (even if they don’t love each other anymore), and that no one parent is leaving because of the other. Remember, kids can very easily jump to conclusions like this.

So be sure to sit them down with the both of you together, think through what you’re going to say (and make sure you consider what matters to your kids, not just the two of you), and then make sure you both agree on all of the points you lay out in front of your little ones. When you explain it out this way, all questions can be put on the table, as well as any tears or temper tantrums, and the both of you have the ability to deal with it at once.

Be Sure to Have Family Friendly Aid

If you’ve got a divorce or separation on your hands, be sure to look out for a lawyer that’s going to know how to handle the young children involved. You’re going to want someone who could even talk to the kids about the whole situation, if they’re the curious type who you don’t want to cut out in any way, in a calm and concise manner. Overwhelming kids with legal jargon is very easy, and having a professional who can smile and pull out the crayons when things get too much is essential.

And that’s where Family Law Specialists can come in. Not only do companies like this specialise in the area of law that you’re going to depend on for the next few months, but they’re going to be very friendly and approachable, and the kind of people kids feel like they can trust. Having your kids know about a divorce and what’s going to happen next is an indispensable part of the process after all, and making sure you never feel like you have to hide it away is going to make it smoother on everyone.

Explaining a change in your family to your children takes lots of careful planning – start it right!

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