Sometimes it’s just there. The call of the wild. The siren song that convinces you that you have to get out of the city and into the great outdoors. However, when you have to think about bringing your little ones along for the ride it can make such a trip seem out of reach, but don’t give up quite yet, because it is possible to experience the joy of the open road in Australia as a family. Just read on to find out how.

Get the kids excited

The first thing that you need to do to ensure you have a great Australian road trip as a family is to get the kids as excited about this as you are. Of course, the way that you do this may be different depending on their ages.

Young kids will need a comfy, safe car seat, and lots of distractions to keep them happy on long journeys. Something that means toys, video entertainment, and music is a must.

Older kids can be enthused by showing them the sorts of places and thing that they may get to see on the trip. They can even be encouraged to keep a journal including pictures and text about the places that you have visited and seen as a fun, educational exercise to get them enthused.

Choose your vehicle

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Don’t forget that before you can enjoy the thrill of the open road as a family, you will need to get a vehicle sorted. Unless you want to walk it that is! Of course, for tracks that are off the beaten path, 4x4s are the best choice as these can handle pretty much anything thrown their way and still keep your family safe. Luckily, there are multiple sites in Australia where you can get 4×4 hire for short or long periods of time. Something that means that even if you haven’t got your own 4×4 vehicle, you can access one when the terrain calls for something more robust.

Choose your route

Once the kids are excited, and you have your transport sorted the only other thing left to do is work out a plan of where you will visit and the route that you will choose to get there. After all, Australia is a big place full of remarkable sights to see, and unless you plan to be on the road almost constantly, it’s unlikely you will get to do them all in one trip.

Great suggestions include the Savannah Way in at Broome, where you are the kids might just get to see some Camels. Uluru in Alice Springs is also a popular location due to its historical and spiritual significance.

If some of your party are looking for a more adventurous experience them why not head on over to Perth for some bush track travel, although whether you take the kids along for these episodes is entirely up to you! Then there are the beautiful national parks of Litchfield and Kakadu, places that make particular fabulous family locations because of the likelihood of seeing amazing wildlife like the Antilopine kangaroo or even Short-eared rock-wallabies, experience the kids are sure to treasure.