For mothers in need of some dietary information pertaining to what to eat when breastfeeding, and what not to eat for that matter, there are many different sources and websites which can supply helpful tips. From the day you find out that you’re pregnant you should make wise choices when it comes to your diet. The baby’s growth within your womb is effected by what you eat, as it is when you’re breastfeeding after giving birth. This article is designed to benefit these mothers, and supply them with some of the most important facts about how they can be optimally healthy and primed for breastfeeding based on their dietary choices. 

Just as there are foods and drinks that are recommended for increasing lactation and helping with the breastfeeding process in a woman’s body, there are also other examples of foods and beverages which should be avoided by new mothers when they are breastfeeding. In order to clear up any myths and misconceptions on the topic, some of the best nutritional sources for breastfeeding mothers will now be covered briefly. 

Proper Hydration for Breastfeeding

While sometimes overlooked by new mothers, proper hydration is absolutely critical for effective breast milk production. Without taking in the proper amount of water and other healthy fluids every day, breastfeeding mothers may find that their milk production is either low, or the milk they are producing is on the thicker side and is not the optimal consistency for babies. 

Oatmeal for Milk Supply Retention and Replenishment 

Not only can oatmeal lower cholesterol which is good for all around health and wellness, it can also help with regulating blood pressure which is important in relation to breastfeeding. Eating oatmeal regularly is a perfect way for any new mother to keep blood sugar where it needs to be for optimal breast milk production, and also take in enough calories and carbs to consistently be producing hearty, rich breast milk for growing babies. 

This lactation cookie recipe is fabulous for increasing your milk supply.

Carrots for Vital Breastfeeding Nutrient Re-Fuel

With regard to an easy to find, inexpensive food which can seriously boost critical breastfeeding nutrients and other components in a mother’s body, carrots are a fantastic choice for new mums who are breastfeeding. Aside from being a great source of clean carbohydrates, carrots are also a significant source of potassium as well. When it comes to helping out with a mother’s breast milk production, a compound called beta-carotene is in high demand during breastfeeding and carrots happen to supply a mother’s body with tons of beta-carotene. Given that carrots are always easy and convenient to snack on, they make some of the best casual breastfeeding-booster foods for moms to enjoy. 

Main Foods to Definitely Avoid During Breastfeeding

While there are many foods which aid in milk production, there are some which can diminish milk production or make the milk not optimal for a baby’s consumption. For example, peppermint is something which should not be consumed by breastfeeding mothers since it can shut down milk production, and that is the opposite of the desired effect. Additionally, caffeine sources like coffee and black teas should also be avoided by breastfeeding mothers since caffeine can get into the breast milk and babies cannot effectively handle caffeine, and it is bad for their development. Another food to avoid is anything especially spicy, since many times spicy foods can create a breast milk sample which is unpalatable for babies and can make them irritated both in their mouths and in their digestion. Keeping foods and drinks which can irritate a baby out of breast milk is the best way to ensure that the breast milk being produced is always wholesome and palatable for the growing infant.

Note: This article was submitted by a mum doing her research, not a nutritionist.  Should you be concerned about your nutrition and how it may be affecting your breastmilk supply, we urge you to seek professional assistance.


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