Have you ever noticed that everything seemed so much easier when you’re in a good mood? It really can feel like the birds are singing and the sun is out, even when the weather isn’t that great. Of course, this emotion at work, and as it can make such a difference to how we experience our reality, it’s definitely worth putting some time and effort into learning how to boost it. Something that you can get advice on how to do by using your five senses, in the post below. 

Get happy using your 5 senses!

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Taste can be an incredibly potent sense, as anyone that has dissolved into the pleasure of devouring a donut will know. Of course, as it can have such an impact, it can be harnessed to boost mood. In fact, it can be a quick way to do so because you can keep a stock of your favourite sweets in your bag and pop one in your mouth when you are out and about. The idea being that you focus on this little measure of pleasure that you are allowing yourself and that it should help to turn your mood upwards. 


Other taste-related techniques can help you boost your mood as well, including eating mindfully. An activity where you take something as simple as orange or a raisin and pay close attention to how it feels in your mouth, what it tastes like, and the sensation of chewing itself. Something that can help bring you back to centre and calm an anxious or scattered mind. 


Next comes smell, another sense that can be utilized to boost mood very quickly. In fact, smell is one of the strongest senses we have and is one that is closely associated with memory as well. Something that means you can use it either to take you back to a more comforting or happier time or even use it as a cue for relaxation by training your body and mind to respond to it in a certain way. 

Of course, there are plenty of pleasant smell that you can use, including your or you’re SO’s favourite perfume or aftershave. Although many people like to use essential oils like the ones available from Alcyon that affect the mood in a certain way. Lavender being the top scent for relaxation and calm, and peppermint for a stimulating boost! You can even get diffusers for your house that will allow you to spread mood-boosting scents throughout your home easily. 



Touch is another powerful sense that can be used to boost mood. One way in which to do this is to get a soft fleece blanket and use this to wrap yourself if you are feeling anxious or sad. You can extend this tactic too by finding a weighted or heated blanket, as these sensations are also known to be particularly soothing. 

Massage is another fantastic way to use touch to boost your mood, and it can be used to calm and relax tired and tense muscles, as well as invigorate the body and mind as well. Of course, not everyone has the budget to get a professional massage done regularly, but that doesn’t have to stand in the way of using this strategy. In fact, you can purchase electric foot and back massagers online that can help you to self soothe even when there is no one else around.  


Sound can also be used to help boost your mood on a day to day basis. In fact, you probably already have a playlist of songs that you put on when you’re feeling a bit down or frustrated. 

Of course, you can use sound in different ways as well including listening to audiobooks if you are doing a tedious task or you are struggling with difficult emotions that it would be better to be distracted from.

Oh, and don’t forget that sometimes just opening the window and listening to the sounds of nature coming from outside may be enough to calm you right down, and help you regain focus in your day. 


Finally, there are plenty of ways that you can use sight to help alter your mood as well. One is to find a calming image like a beach or forest and save it to your computer or device as wallpaper, something that will allow you to take a timeout and looked at it during the day. 

Additionally, using the sense of sight to create something beautiful life a craft or artwork can be a great way of improving how you feel. You will, of course, also be using some of your other senses here as well, which makes this strategy a particularly effective one for when you need to boost your mood. 

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