Meet “Project Playroom”  after being totally spoilt for my sons first christmas and birthday (thanks everyone), we needed a better play space that provided better storage for all the toys we found in our home.  With no space for the toys, my head was spinning with the multi coloured mess. The best gift for a first birthday would be a new room for the house to hide everything, seriously!

I settled on the next best thing – a mini table and chairs and a new DIY project “Toddler Playroom” full of places to hide the masses of multi coloured toys.

I wanted a table and chairs so he had a space to sit and also to stand and play and spotted this kids table and chairs at a friends place and loved them!  I opted for all white and it was part of my sons first birthday present.  He was too small for it then, but it got it across the line and get’s used! I got 4 chairs, mostly because my friends with kids or mums group often ends up at our place on a rainy day and there is enough seating for everyone to fit!    The best bit, the chairs are strong so I can sit and play too, which beats the floor!

Toddler table and chairs


My favourite bit , is our bench seat storage – seen in the blog cover image, with the striped storage bins.  I grabbed the idea on a blog post from I heart Organizing, aside from the brilliant idea, it has a detailed description of how they made it.

We opted for 2 of the 4 cubes and one 2 cube shelves.  You can get them at ikea, these ones are the bunnings option – mostly because it’s closer. I grabbed the storage baskets from Target, the foam from Clark Rubber, the backing board for the cushions from bunnings and the fabric and staple gun from spotlight.

The bin system makes packing up soooo easy!  Pile it up and pop it in the right bin!When my baby was younger, I could just pull out one tub for the day, it’s a bit harder now they all come out in one session.  He is getting better at knowing which is the duplo tub, which has cars and balls, which has music stuff and which has his train tracks.  Not all of the tubs are toys, I could snap a few up for kids safe general house stuff that I didn’t want on display!

After the storage tubs, I needed somewhere for books and the “sometimes” toys that I like to keep out of reach – art stuff, toys with lots of bits or display items.  I love the driftwood range from Incy interiors, I have both of the pieces below.  The change table/cabinet lives in my sons bedroom and the bookcase, lives in  the playroom,  I’m sharing this pic over one from my house because it looks like a bomb after I just kicked a few toys to the corner to get a relatively clean shot for the pic above!

Toddler bookshelf - Incy Interiors

I use a cane chest for the bulk of toys and also had a similar soft storage hamper that I use for all of the soft toys and randomly, my yoga mats.  My lil guy found them one day and thinks it’s great fun to roll them out and we “do yoga” haha.  Again – simple to do a sweep of the room and get it back to some sort of tidy order.

Smart toddler playroom storage


For the floor, I had a cow hide, not soft or comfortable to play on at all.  So I upgraded to a rug.   HOT TIP from another mum, go and visit the carpet shops, they often have carpet off cuts that are edged.  I picked up a massive rug for around $80 and it makes the room so much cosier and a truckload more comfortable for all the time spent on the floor.

In the last corner of the room, I have a kitchen.  I can’t find a pic of the one I have, but I also love this one, I think a few more cupboards would be great.  It lives inside a play castle from Mocka that was a first birthday gift and provides hours of fun… I decided on a kitchen for my boy after he loved it so much at a friends place and he seems to remain entertained by it longer than most of his other toys.  It’s fun being able to ask for a cup of tea or breakfast and see what is creatively served up!

play kitchen - toddler playroom

We still need to do art work, cushions and some new lighting – I put in a funky light bulb, which looks great but is pretty useless if you actually need to see anything, but overall I love how it’s coming together.

If you’ve got some great playroom ideas, share them below.  I’m always on the hunt for fabulous inspiring spaces!


*Note: I am not an interior designer, photographer (clearly) this is just me as a mum, doing my best to make a nice space to play.  Some of the links in the post are affiliate links, so if you do decide you would love some of the things in your home, I may make a small amount of money, which helps me keep the blog going.  Thanks and happy playing x


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