Let’s be honest, sometimes we don’t realise how strong we are as women. We have to go through a lot. Child birth being one of the big ones. But women seem to soldier on through the tough times, and while you may already be stronger, the testing times can certainly make you strong. Dealing with personal issues happens to be something that all of us go through, from all walks of life, at different stages, and each varying in severity and the situation. With that in mind, here are some of the common personal issues as women we can face with some tips and suggestions to help you work through them. You’ve got this!  

Relationship trouble

We all get into relationships with the hope and desire that they will last and become are happy ever after. But sometimes, these relationships fail and get into trouble. Sometimes they can be resolved, with issues that are discussed, with work and investment into the relationship and a lot of communication. But sometimes these relationships end. Whether you get married, have children from it, or just are broken hearted because of the reasons why, it can be a hard situation to go through and overcome. Relationships are not easy, and they do require constant work and attention to help them thrive. You will be strong enough to realise when a relationship is working, and even stronger to understand when things have taken their own course and fizzled out. Trust your gut and instinct. 

Starting a family

A big challenge that you may face in your life comes to the point where you want to start a family. You may have been settled with your partner for some time, and feel the time is right to begin trying for a baby. It can often feel like such a big decision, but the problems arise when things don’t happen straight away. Starting a family isn’t always going to be straight forward. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes you may find that there are health issues that need addressing, and sometimes luck might not be on your side. Losing a baby due to miscarriage is also a possibility, so it is always worth being mindful that making the decision starts you on a path of a new chapter that may have plenty of highs but also some low moments. 

Making impossible decisions

We all have to face difficult decisions in our lives,and often it is these situations that really test us and make us stronger as individuals. There may become a time where you fall pregnant, for example, but are not in situation to continue the pregnancy, or have been advised against continuing it for other reasons such as health. This is when decisions on things like abortion may come to the forefront of your mind. There may be other times in your life where you need to make decisions on things such as health of yourself or family members, and the best course of action to take. We may face this at some point in our lives, so giving ourselves credit for processing information and making informed decisions make us strong not weak. 

Finally, there are other things to think about when it comes to everyday situations. Gender equality in the workplace, getting paid equally for doing the same job, and even being able to handle financial situations better. As women, we are strong, and sometimes we must recognise that. 

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