Your body changes so much during pregnancy. It is growing a human after all! So from stretch marks, to a little extra weight, or just your shape changing, it can be a time where you no longer recognise the body that you have once you’ve given birth. For starters, it just takes time for you to adjust and for your body to get back to what it is doing.

But there can be a little ‘mum tum’ that might protrude more than it did before, or perhaps sagging skin or a ‘shelf’ that can come after a cesarean section. And while you should do things at your own pace, if you want to get it looking like it did before, then there are a few things that you could do to help. You might find that you want to look up the Liposuction Sydney cost of treatments, but there are some things that you can be doing from home to help you to get your stomach feeling stronger. Again, take it at your own pace and only do it if you feel up to doing it. But these are some tips to help.


Yes, you knew this was going to be on the list, didn’t you? If you want to see the stomach that you had before, or just tighten the stomach, then you need to be doing some exercise. Burning calories and burning fat are what is going to help you to see the muscles again. Cardio exercises are great for burning fat, but some weighted exercises, even if they are just bodyweight exercises, is all good.

Change What You Eat

There is some evidence to suggest that cutting out certain foods from your diet, like wheat and dairy, can have a positive impact on your stomach and overall wellness. It can lead to less bloating, and a Paleo-style diet can help you to lose a little weight if that is what is holding you back. Even just as a short-term solution (think three or four weeks), you could see how you get on.

Reduce Stress

With children, it can be hard to talk about reducing stress in a straightforward way. Children, bless them, can make our lives a little more stressful at times. Mix that in with little sleep, and it is not a good combination. Stress can lead to us wanting to eat more, as well as fatty deposits around our stomach, from the cortisol hormone (the stress hormone). So look at what is causing you stress, if any, and find ways to help. It could just mean taking some time out, as well as just being able to read a book and relax.

Reduce Sugar Intake

A lot of these things can go hand in hand. When you’re more stressed, you are more likely to crave sugar and want to eat. So when you deal with one, you’re helping deal with another. Sugar can bloat you, as well as lead to cravings, so cut down, or cut it out, where you can.
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