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If you think babies are hard work, wait until they can crawl. Sure, the crying and constant need for attention isn’t a walk in the park, but neither is following their every move! Once they start to crawl, you can’t let them out of your sight for a moment. When you do, they will be able to do something silly like putting a metal spoon in the toaster. Do they not care about their health?! It seems not, which is why baby proofing for cutie crawlies has become very popular among mums and dads. Here are the basics.

Surprise, Surprise

The obvious hazards are easy to spot, like the bleach on the bottom shelf or the loose wiring. These are the dangers you train yourself to look for, but there are unexpected ones to keep in mind too. And, the majority of them won’t even seem like they are hazardous until it’s too late. Take the dishwasher. An integral cleaning appliance, it also provides young kids access to sharp objects. One minute they’re playing with a rattle, the next it’s a knife. The website Parents advises turning utensils upside down and wiping away any excess powder, as well as keeping them out of the kitchen.

Renovation Salutations

Gutting the house and bringing in builders with dangerous toys seems counterproductive. “Won’t it put my baby in more danger?” The answer is no because the company Million Dollar Makeovers believes a remodel makes the home safer. The trick is to focus on the areas which are potentially dangerous, and then remove them or shape them into something new. A fireplace is a prime example. For young kids, log burners can be fatal even when the fire isn’t burning. Therefore, you may want to block it in and cover it up to avoid accidents.

Upstairs, Downstairs

Children are obsessed with stairs, which isn’t healthy when they are two feet tall. One slip and a small child could be in serious trouble, and that is why the stairs have to be out of bounds. Of course, crawlers have no respect for anything that inhibits their curiosity, and that is why you will need a backup plan. Step forward the basic yet effective baby gate. A small barrier that attaches to the wall, the entrance is easy to open for adults yet almost impossible for kids. Put one on each end of the stairway to stop them going up during the day and down at night.

Level Down

As a parent, you will try and negate every danger possible, but it’s likely you’ll miss a few. The reason is your vantage point. As a regular-sized person, you can’t see what is on the floor. Babies can because they spend their day crawling around on the carpet with the dust mites and household pets. As a result, kids can see the hazards better than adults, yet they can’t speak. To solve the problem, lower yourself down to your child’s level and take a look around. If there are sharp corners you didn’t see before, you will spot them now.

The big question: are you ready for your child to start moving?



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