As a parent, there is nothing more amazing than being able to bring up your child to not be afraid, to be empathetic to others and to hopefully not suffer from anxieties and stress like many of us do. However, what happens when you are the one who is anxious and you have to look after a child? Anxiety can be a powerful thing, but your child can be stronger. Here are some of the ways which your child can actually help you curb your anxiety for good.

They love unconditionally

The moment your child is born, they rely on you and you alone to provide them food, shelter and love. For them, you are their entire world and they need you to survive. A child will love you unconditionally, and this can be a wonderful thing for someone who suffers from anxiety because it gives you someone to come home and cuddle up with each evening who loves you more than life itself. This comfort and security can help you to feel needed in life and it can decrease feelings of inadequacy.

They depend on you

You are everything to your child, and they physically need you to help the, mound themselves into functioning human beings. Sure, you will send them off to Preschool and childcare over the years to help their development, but they will always come back to you for advice on life and everything they want to know. Having a child look up to you and need you is a great confidence builder and it can make you feel as if you are stronger and more important than you may have felt before.

They make you laugh

Children have a great knack for making us laugh and making us feel entertained even on the most stressful day. If you are having a tough time with mental health and you need someone to cheer you up, go home and spend some time with our child. Your child will tell jokes, make you play games and give you something else to think about other than how you feel. It can be a wonderful remedy for anxiety.

They allow you to socialise

When you have a child you might be a shy person, however as your child starts to make friends and they start going to school, you will have no choice but to socialise with teachers and other parents who are dropping their kids off. Having a child can force you to meet other people and it might even allow you to make some new friends. By seeing other people every day when you pick the kids up from school, any social anxiety you had will start to fade as you realise that talking to other people really isn’t so scary.

They follow your example

Kids lead by your example, and this can be the ultimate motivation for you to change your ways and act more confident. Being able to show your children how they should act in the real world is a privilege and they will learn good habits from you.


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