Friday, August 6, 2021
This is too cute!  Sometimes you just need a daily dose of cute :) I love that all of the parents have taken the time to film the kids before making them comfy!   Love a sleeping bubba!
I Love this kid!  Seriously I could get lost in his videos - soooo good and so inspirational. Loving the line MOM upside down is WOW....  or in Australia WUW.... not quite same same but I'm going with wow. All...
Sh*t just got real! Here are a few classic images that sum up how life changes as new parents. Enjoy! Arienne Hedger has a great facebook page if you need a laugh!        
The days are long and the years are short, it's a nice quote and very true but somedays when the tiny human that is yours is having a tough day and the roller-coaster of frustration is kicking in, we...
A little something to make you giggle! "And so then  there's your kid All covered in goo I know it sounds gross But it happened to you" Let us know if you've spotted anything that is now hilarious in hindsight of having your baby?
Seriously, I thought this was about the end of a night out, it's not! Most people think it's about being bounced from a bar, but it's about being bounced from the womb! Dan Wilson tells a very funny story before and...
Love this parody! Story of my life 3pm slump and trying to squeeze in a coffee before the next nap time! Seriously how are those windows so freaking short! Whats up Moms have a great youtube channel, check it out and...