We ourselves might struggle with the heatwaves and rising temperatures that seem to melt us each summer, so how can we expect our children to get through it without a problem? Caring for your child in the summer heat is perhaps a more pressing topic than ever, as temperatures rise worldwide and the hottest recorded months are continually noted and declared.

It can feel quite saddening that on some days, we might feel tempted to stay in and sit in front of the fan in our living room, rather than brave the heat. But caring for your child is often not the same as wrapping them in cotton wool and depriving them of the outside experience – of course if you haven’t any pressing medical considerations to care for.

So long as you’re on the ball and able to enact a custom solution depending on the disposition of your child – it’s important to care for them responsibly. After all, if your genetics hail from a warmer climate, it could be that you’ll need to enact less of a protective solution than for a pale child with red hair and freckles. But that hardly means children cannot overheat. Let us consider how this might work for you:


It’s important that they stay hydrated. If they’re playing in the sun, make sure they stop for regular water breaks. However, ensure you’re not forcing them to drink too much. Over-hydration can often be a problem too, despite dehydration often seeming like the worst culprit. A great way to hydrate your kids is to have a summer pitcher of iced orange or blackcurrant squash in the garden, or to give them pre-frozen ice lollies you have made from the same.  Be sure to check the official sources to understand the best practice.

Comfortable Clothing

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, preferably shorts, skirts, vests or very light t-shirts can help a child feel more comfortable, and will prevent overheating. Be sure to implement the correct children’s sun cream all over to ensure they do not burn. On top of that, consider using baby K’tan baby carriers as these are often light, breathable, and can help you avoid overheating your baby when carrying them. Children do not have the same anxieties as adults, so allowing your child to play in just swimming gear in your garden could be worthwhile – but ensure a climbing frame or play equipment will not chafe their skin or cause injury ahead of time.

A Spot In The Shade

A break from playing an intense running around can be important for your child now and again. Ensure you ask them to do so. Find a cool spot in the shade, or have air conditioning and ventilation fans turned on in your home to ensure this can be a place to cool off and rest. If you can do that, and you remind them, they will avoid overheating due to excitement.

With these tips, we hope your child can have a much safer and more enjoyable time in the sun.

Cover: Pexels