There is nothing like the feeling of liberation and joy that comes with camping amongst Australia’s natural wonders. While the country has an abundance of campsites, national parks, and resources for outdoor enthusiasts, it’s important that you are prepared well in advance of your trip. Here are five things to make sure you have with you during any Aussie camping experience: 

1. An Updated First Aid Kit 

It goes without saying that every vehicle should have a first aid kit. This addition can buy you time and be of serious help in the event of an emergency or accident, even if it’s not road-related. 

Before your camping trip, check that your kit is updated with all the first aid and wound care essentials. If you’re running low on band-aids or missing anything, top it up with extra. First aid and medical supplies in Australia are available for retail purchase at relatively affordable costs and can even be found online. All you really need to do is plan ahead and buy new items in time for your trip!

2. Wet Wipes  

This can be easy to overlook if you’re not someone who has a baby or currently uses wet wipes in your daily life. However, a packet (or three) of wet wipes will not go astray on your camping trip. 

Spending time in the great outdoors gets messy, and while it’s all part of the fun, hot showers are not always accessible at campsites. In fact, it’s totally normal to go without bathing for days (or even a week) when you’re in the bush. To keep yourself feeling as fresh as possible, don’t waste your water supply – a few wet wipes will do the trick! They’re also great for cleaning up food spills and other messes around your campsite. 

3. A Folding Knife

If you don’t want to fork out for a multi-tool, you will at least want a folding pocket knife. This versatile tool will serve you in many ways: cutting rope or fishing lines, cutting up kindling and fire-starting, assisting at mealtimes and during food preparation, acting as a makeshift utensil or stick for roasting marshmallows, and so much more. Some multi-purpose knives even include an opener for your beer!

4. More Water

Always bring more water than you think you’ll need when camping, especially if you are travelling to rural areas or going on a long-haul road trip across states. Of course, you want to have as much water as possible for drinking, but you’re also going to need water for cooking, washing dishes or clothes, cooling yourself down, and perhaps even putting in your car radiator in an emergency situation. 

5. A Map You Can Access Offline

It goes without saying that you’re going to be using maps when doing any kind of travel, whether it’s a day trip or a camping getaway. Make sure that an internet map service like Google Maps is not your only navigation source. Chances are, you’re not always going to be in mobile range, and wi-fi is scarce in many remote parts of Australia. An offline GPS navigation system is ideal. You may also wish to download all the routes of your camping area and pick up or print out physical maps. This will cover all your bases, ensuring you’re not at risk of getting lost. It’ll also allow you to give an accurate location if you end up needing roadside assistance

Once you’ve sorted the above and got all your essentials covered, you can get to the fun part – planning your route and your camping activities!