The thought of packing up the family and heading out into the wilderness on a family camping trip might be enough to fill you with dread, but not only is it an affordable way to have a family holiday, but it can also benefit your children in a number of ways.

Here are just some of the benefits camping could have for your kids:

It Keeps Them Active

Often when you go off on the kind of holiday you’ll find at, you spend more time lounging around the pool and enjoying the all-inclusive food than you do exploring the wonderful location around you. The kids do the same, and it can lead to them getting very bored very fast, which I’m sure is no picnic for you!

When you go camping, however, there is very little to entertain you other than the beauty of nature. When you have to make your own fun, you and the kids spend a lot more time, running, walking and playing in natural surroundings, and that can only be a good thing.

It Helps You All Bond

Since you’re spending so much time together doing stuff, as opposed to tanning by the pool or putting the kids into an activity club for the duration of the holiday, you will do a lot of bonding on a camping trip. You’ll have fun playing, talking, trying to put up the tent from, and finding out more about your kids than you would at home, and they will do the same for you. Camping really can bring families closer together.

It’s Educational

It’s one thing using books and documentaries to teach your kids about birds, bugs, animals and trees, but it’s  much more effective to let them learn about these things firsthand as they camp under the stars,amongst the trees, seeing the flora and fauna up close. They’ll learn so much more about the world around them when they’re out in the wild that, not only will you take them homemore informed than ever, but they’ll never get the chance to be bored on holiday, which I’m sure you’ll agree, is every parent’s dream!

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It Keeps Them Away from Tech

So many children spend so much time glued to their smartphones and tablets that they never really experience the world around them. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using these devices, but if it’s all your kid ever does, you could have a problem on your hands.

The beauty of camping is that, usually, you’re so far out of town that you can’t get a signal and there’s certainly no wi-fi. It teaches kids that,not only can they survive without their phone, but that they can actually enjoy the simple pleasures in life too.

They Learn to Go Without

In a similar vein, taking the kids camping teaches them that all of the bells and whistles they think they need to be happy aren’t necessary. All you need is access to nourishing food, shelter and heat to be well. This can teach them a valuable lesson that prevents them from over consuming in the future!

Caming with the kids is sure to be a unique, and occasionally challenging experience, but it will bring you closer together and help to build their character, which is why it really is so worth it.

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