In the age where brand noise has become deafening, how can you speak up and be heard over the chorus of other voices all fighting for consumers’ attention? How can you attract positive attention without adding to the noise? It’s not easy. To achieve this, you have to take the road less traveled and invest in an unbeatable strategy. Here are five powerful ways to make your brand stick in people’s minds: 

  1. Give Away Useful Promotional Items 

Creating your own stationery, like notepads, pens, and even corporate workwear is great for brand visibility. When you use branded promotional gifts to extend the reach of your brand, you open up a whole new opportunity to reach people. The trick lies in choosing promotional items that truly serve a practical purpose and are likely to be used often. Forget refrigerator magnets and boring coffee mugs – you need to think outside the box. What would your ideal client really find useful? 

  1. Work On Your Service

When was the last time you were truly impressed by excellent service? If someone went above and beyond their duties and it sincerely helped you, they will stand out in your mind. A customer’s experience with your brand is the fastest way to get word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business. In fact, consumers are willing to pay a higher price for ethically sourced products and for excellent service. Ethically-sourced products aren’t practical or possible for every industry, but every business can provide a phenomenal customer experience.

  1. Run Memorable Promotions

In the year of social distancing, online events and competitions are among the most popular and effective marketing strategies. However, you’re not limited to these forms of promotion. Memorable promotions might look like two brands coming together to offer a limited time special. It might include an opportunity for consumers to engage with your brand and receive publicity. A memorable promotion might even include limited-edition services or product lines that create a sense of scarcity and generate new interest. 

  1. Associate Your Brand With A Charitable Organisation

Be selective in the charity you serve and ensure they are in need of your services. Using charity work to gain recognition is only effective when you can provide your professional services to the organisation, giving their followers and fans a display of your professional skills. It won’t help to paint a new building for a non-profit when you’re actually a software developer. In this case, you’d want to find a charity that needs a new website or a new software program and build it for them free of charge with the understanding that they promote your work to their networks. If people frequently hear your brand’s name associated with a charity, you’re automatically seen as trustworthy. 

  1. Develop A Free Service Within Your Organisation

Every successful business that leads the way in their industry and stays at the forefront people’s minds offers a free tier in their business. Look at software programs like Canva (a graphic design app for any skill level) – they offer a free service but many of the best features must be paid for. Find a way to add a tier to your services that offers your customers something for free but make it so that they need to pay to get the best value possible. 

Creating positive hype around your brand isn’t easy. It takes time and hard work to establish a trustworthy name. Repetition is key. Associate yourself with people who do good for the world and remain consistent.