When you decide to blog professionally, you need to establish a clear strategy to generate a regular income. For a lot of newcomers to the blogging world, advertising seems to be the most obvious solution. However, while you can offer ad placements on your blog, you need to bear in mind that you be paid an infinitesimal amount for each view. You will need to use aggressive placements to boost your income potential. Unfortunately, the more ads you display, the more you interrupt your readers’ experience of the blog, and consequently the more likely you are to lose readers. When you visitors volume shrinks, you might lose your affiliate spot. In other words, advertising might be a nice thing to have, but it’s unlikely to generate sufficient income at the end of the month. Instead, you need to diversify your activities as a blogger to make ends meet. You need to establish yourself as a service provider – as a copywriter, marketing specialist, or even an expert in your niche – to develop a solid customership. But how do you find clients when you’re in the popular and crowded blogging industry?  

They go and meet them

While a blog is an online platform that allows you, as a blogger, to publish new content regularly about your niche topics, it doesn’t meet that you need to hide behind a screen to find your clients. You can join blogging conferences and networking events to get to meet new leads and contacts. It is by far the easiest way to establish a secure network of prospects, partners, and supporters. For large-scale blogging events, you can even get the possibility to hire a booth space to establish your presence – you can find more info on feather banners to improve your visibility with signage. Blogging events tend to work well with people who are naturally outgoing and enjoy actively meeting people. Don’t worry if you’re not confident in pitching your blog IRL; there are plenty of other ways to get to find clients for introverts.

Networking events

They write for search engines

Ultimately; when you choose to create a blog, you can make the most of the content you generate. Your content is primarily addressed to your readers. But if you want to utilise your content as a mean for your promotion, you need to write for search engines as well. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is, at its core, the art of increasing your visibility online by using in your content the words your readers are likely to enter on Google. As a blogger, you have the advantage to be able to create targeted articles for specific keywords. As a result, if you create a new post per keywords, you can ensure that your website remains visible at all time. Additionally, keywords need to figure both in the content and in the backend, from the metadata to the alternative text for the images. In other words, you can develop a strategy for the content generation to target popular and relevant search terms regularly.  

Sell results they want

Bloggers who make money out of their activities choose to provide an additional activity alongside content generation. Some bloggers choose to offer their writing skills as copywriters for companies and marketing agencies. Others have a clear niche in a defined industry sector so that they can choose to provide services as an expert from this sector. If you blog about finance management, for instance, you can offer advice on debt management or budget planning classes. You’re an enthusiastic interior decor blogger, so why not extend your services to promote home decor inspiration and design to homeowners? However, you need to showcase your services in a way that attracts clients. Selling your services online means that you need to show results in your description. The main question you need to answer is to let clients know what’s in for them.

They create viral content

What’s the best way to get noticed? On the online sphere, it’s all about creating viral content, a form of content people want to share online. As a blogger, while written content is the key to your presence, you might want to consider video content to reach out to a new audience. A video has the potential to touch more users than an article, especially because you can put a voice and a face on your words. Through humour, information and effective social media networking, a vlog – a video blog – can create a much more significant reaction than a blog article would. Admittedly, you need to use the video to promote the best content for this new media, which could be explaining a makeup technique or showing off your crafting skills, for instance.

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They shout out on social media

It can be difficult to keep a regular volume of visitors to your blog when there are already hundreds of other blogs that publish articles regularly. That’s precisely why bloggers need to promote their posts on a variety of social media platforms to drive traffic. Facebook and Twitter are, of course, the most popular networks, but there are many others too. If you’re blogging about a professional industry, LinkedIn is a great choice. Pinterest is ideal for lifestyle, fashion, and design bloggers.

They build partnerships

As a blogger, finding partners is key to your success. A craft blogger, for instance, could partner with a craft supplies provider to build a win-win relationship. The bottom line is that you can exchange your blogging skills against the freebies or the network leverage of a partner. In the craft example, the blogger can write reviews about the craft gear against free supplies.

Win-win relationships

They support their community

A blogger has to belong to a community to be able to reach out to new readers and clients. The craft blogger, for instance, can intervene in craft workshops to help educate the community. As a result, they can find new readers through the workshop. Additionally, a close relationship with the community – whether it is a local community or a niche – can also leverage your brand awareness.

In the end, blogs are businesses that need clients to thrive. From networking events to effective community leverage, via SEO strategy, you can reach out to your potential clients in the way that best suits your personality.