If your restless baby has kept you up all night, I’m sure you’ve heard the most common tips already. Dimming the lights and making sure they’re fed before bedtime will only get you to a certain point; when you’re woken up night after night and nothing seems to work, any parent will start to lose hope in a good night’s rest. Don’t despair – try a few of these tips to help your baby sleep and get back to bed as soon as possible.

#1 Don’t keep quiet

A lot of parents think their newborn likes to sleep the way they do; in complete silence. Remember that they’re used to a lot more noise in your uterus and the rhythmic sound of a vacuum cleaner or another white-noise machine might help on those sleepless nights. Even some of those nature sounds they always play during your spa treatment could be a good idea.

#2 Baby massage

Talking of spa treatments: a 15-minute baby massage with slow and comfortable strokes and a bit of oil that is baby safe has proven to put them to sleep a lot faster. It will even help them sleep more soundly, which is great news for the quality of your sleep, too. It works for us, so why not for your baby?

#3 Calm yourself down

If you’re stressed, your newborn will notice it. Make sure you’ve calmed yourself down completely before attempting to start the bedtime routine. Slow breathing and an aura of calm, so to speak, will send the right signals to your baby.

Do things that calms you down before bedtime, like listening to slow music, having a long bath – or even asking for a massage, yourself. Treat your baby, and yourself, to an hour of pampering at the end of the day – stuffed animals, such as these limited edition teddy bears, are great to cuddle with for both of you and will calm your down right away.

You can easily combine the two tips above; massaging someone is calming for you too. If your child is receiving a nice and comfortable massage, calming the two of you down at the same time, bedtime will be a much happier story.

#4 Make it bright

The same way a good rhythm is healthy for you, and will give you a bright start to the day, your baby will also benefit from this. Be active when you get up – go out in the morning, expose yourself and your child to sunlight and notice how much easier it will be to put them to sleep. Either by heading out for a walk, or just sitting nearby a sunny window if you’re not into an early morning walk, will make a big difference.

It’s good for you too, by the way, and will help you stay sane during these first early years. Even though you stay up all night, desperately hoping to get some sleep, the sun will rise tomorrow too, so just take advantage of the rhythm.

Cover Image source: Pexels