You have been there before, maybe even more than once; having a baby will always be one of your most treasured memories. Now that your best friend gets to experience the joys for herself, you can’t wait to give her all of the advice you wish you knew way back when. You know it for yourself, having a baby is a tiring and overwhelming moment in your life, so having a strong support system is very important. You want to give your best friend peace of mind that you will be there for her no matter what. Even when she is completely delirious at 2am during the night feed, you would happily do anything to put her stresses at ease. Although you want to jump in and help her with every aspect of her pregnancy and the first months of her newborn, you might want to consider some of the following useful tips.

Buy Her a Practical Gift

New mums are always inundated with cuddly toys, woollen blankets and adorable outfits for their little one, but what about them? It’s likely that your best friend is exhausted and needs a little tender loving care for herself. Check out some of these Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts and buy her a hamper that will really come in useful. A basket full of deluxe items such as snacks and treats will really go a long way when your best friend welcomes her new baby into the world.

Understand She Might Need Space

As eager as you might be to meet the brand new arrival, you need to give your friend some space in the initial weeks and months. Becoming a parent for the first time can be incredibly overwhelming and people often want to find their feet before being inundated with visitors. No matter how close you might be to your best friend, give her the space she needs to get accustomed to her new little family. She will be on crazy sleep schedule and will want to get as much rest as possible. She will let you know the right time for your first visit, so you need to follow her lead.

Give Her Time to Get Back to You

You and your best friend are probably used to texting, calling or FaceTiming every single day; that’s what best friends do. However, when a new tiny human is thrown into the mix she might not be quite as available. Give her a little bit of notice before you call her and don’t expect her to answer right away. The best thing to do is drop her a text that doesn’t give her too much pressure to respond right away. She will be thinking about a million things all at once, so you need to respect her privacy at this time. Even though you will be bursting to see pictures of the new baby, you should wait for her to get back to you before blowing up her phone everyday.

Send Well Wishes

Along with a lovely gift for your bestie you should also send her well wishes whenever you can. Whether you send a cute card in the post after one month of her giving birth or you send her a cute text messages. These small gestures will really mean a lot, especially if they are regular and encouraging.

Be a Good Listener

If you have gone through the process of having a baby, you are probably full of advice for your friend. Although you might think you are being useful, it might come across as judgemental or overbearing if you aren’t careful. When your best friend has a new baby you need to learn how to be a good listener; she will probably want a shoulder to cry on when she is stressed rather than a lecture about the best way to breastfeed. In order to be a good listener you need to take everything in that she is saying. You don’t need to have a response or solution to every single problem. Just listen and only give your advice when she asks for it.

Your best friend deserves to make mistakes and find out the realities of motherhood by herself sometimes. Although your brain is bursting with advice and tips, you need to learn to censor yourself sometimes. When you have already been through it, it can be very easy to make assumptions based on your own experiences. All in all, everybody is completely different and will handle their new baby in a way that works for them. Sometimes being a good friend is learning how to listen and showing your love in other ways rather than advice.

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