When you’re pregnant, it dominates your life.

Yes, you know that life carries on as normal, but somehow, you seem to be separated from the world. Your priorities have changed, and your focus is consumed by your bump and the excitement of impending motherhood.

The above is wonderful, but it can also be isolating, especially when it comes to your friendship group. There’s only so much prospective baby talk that your friends will be able to handle; pregnancy can test friendships due to the priority shift, and you may find some of your friends struggle to deal with this change. You may even experience some friends resenting your pregnancy. It’s not a pleasant thing to consider, but these issues can happen– and if it does happen, you’re going to need to know how to deal with it.

Find Your Own Support Network

Ultimately, if you want to spare your existing friendships, the best thing you can do is find a support network of women who are also pregnant. This is one of the healthiest steps you can take for the friendships you already have, and for yourself.

Why for yourself? Well, because it’s 100 percent natural that you want to talk about your pregnancy and motherhood. You shouldn’t feel you have to clam up and not mention it, just for the sake of appeasing your friends. It’s far better for you to find a network of people, fellow mums-to-be, who are more than happy to talk about pregnancy and babies, so you have an outlet for all of your thoughts and concerns. You can save your baby talk for these friends, and allow your existing friendships room to breathe from the topic.

The Joy Of Shared Excitement

There’s so many exciting steps along a pregnancy; the first time you hear the baby’s heartbeat, the first time they move, scan photos, baby showers, gender reveal parties– the list is endless. You’re going to want a group of friends who are experiencing the same emotions, so you can enjoy them together.

If you have a group of mom friends, then you can indulge yourself as much as you want. You can message excitedly about the strength of baby kicks, compare your bumps, and share your experience with one another. You can become invested in your new friends’ pregnancy too; oohing and aahing over scan photos, perusing the best baby shower gift ideas when their party is on the horizon, and sharing all the tips you have learned about managing with a large bump. You have the benefit of both giving and receiving support, love, and encouragement– benefiting you, and your mental health, for the duration of your pregnancy.

How To Find Mum-To-Be Friends



Online support networks are a great idea, though you may also want to look for local groups where you can meet women who live near you. Hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga sessions, and antenatal classes are also a great way to meet women along the same stage of pregnancy as you, so take the chance to mingle and allow friendships to develop.

Taking the time to befriend fellow mums-to-be will allow you to enjoy your pregnancy, preserve your existing friendships, and make the most of this special time in your life as you embark on the road to parenthood.