It’s no secret that having your baby will be one of the most incredible things you do; you’ll love them, and will be so excited for the future ahead. However, babies bring plenty of challenges with them too. And, if you’ve just had, or are about to have, your first; you’re pretty much starting a whole new career and job as a mum. And, as with any job, there’ll be good days and bad days, and you’ll be doing your best, so you’re bound to get tired, run down, and sometimes, a bit stressed. Don’t worry, it’s all normal; every new mum will have gone through the array of struggles, and won’t always feel like they’re doing a good job (even though you all totally are).

With the trials of new parenthood, you’re bound to be putting all your energy and focus into your new bundle of joy. Again, this is normal; however, it’s important that you don’t reach a point where you don’t feel like yourself anymore. Ensuring that you’re able to have some respite, regularly, will ensure that you can give yourself a much-needed boost. You’ll never be exactly the same because you’re a mum now, but, there are plenty of ways to prioritise your happiness and wellbeing so that you feel like a fresh, new version of you. The following are some tips for new mums who want to regain their confidence, and put plenty of positivity into their own self-care so that they can continue to look-after their little one, with a smile (most of the time).

Make Time To Feel Good

Whether you love having your nails done, a hot stone massage, or heading out for a few hours of shopping; it’s crucial that you’re able to start enjoying those things again. Simple things like a fresh coat of nail polish, and  ensuring your roots are done, can make a huge difference in how you feel/ Gone will be the days of having to schedule a shower between feeds; so, make sure you book, attend, or purchase what you need to make yourself feel like you again. Check out The Shade hair colour range to see if you fancy a change, or perhaps just need to get rid of lacklustre hair; loving your locks in the mirror will help get you through the next nappy change. Book in for a massage; this will give you the time to unwind and feel great in the meantime. Buy that new pair of shoes, or that dress you like; these little things will always boost your everyday, and that’s what you’re getting through, right?

Make Time For Friends

If you have friends who are also mums, that’s great; you’ll all have an understanding of the constraints on your time and energy. However, you don’t have to say goodbye to your other friends, or what you used to do together. That’s what partners, grandparents, and babysitters are for! Your nights out might be a little shorter due to tiredness, but, making sure that you spend time with fellow adults, and can chat and laugh together, will keep you feeling human. You can share your struggles and also all those magical bits, and you’ll always return to your little bundle feeling fresh, like yourself, and ready for whatever’s coming next.

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