While it can seem at first like all your baby does is eat, sleep, poop, repeat, you’d be surprised the differences that can be witnessed in their abilities and behaviour after only one month…you know, if you weren’t so sleep deprived!  *as a side note, here are some tips on how to look awake when you aren’t!

At 1 month old, you can expect to see lots of jerky arm movements, while other movements become more fluid. Your baby will begin to find it easier to get their hands to their mouth and eyes as they become more aware of their body, and more aware and alert in general.

They will be able to focus on things within 8-12 inches from their face, and may even turn toward the sound of familiar voices! Turning their head from side to side while on their tummy is also a possibility.

It’s important to keep your child engaged and entertained at this young age (even when it feels like they aren’t even noticing what you’re doing!), so try some of these activities to help with physical and mental development in your one month old!

  • Tummy time!
    Tummy time is important to help your child stay active and begin to build muscle strength. It also allows them to explore moving their arms and legs in a new way.
  • Play Peek-a-boo!
    Helps your child differentiate between when you are visible, and when you are not, and the difference in how that makes them feel as well!
  • Sing Songs
    Over time these tunes will become familiar to your baby, but for now, they will help fine tune your baby’s hearing, and allow them to recognise your voice.
  • Introduce Soft Toys
    This introduction will help your child begin to understand that they can move objects around, and may also begin to develop a bond with certain animals, that will help with development later on!
    *NOTE* Soft toys and crib accessories should be for supervised play only, and are not encouraged to be utilised during sleep due to the risks involved.
  • Read Stories
    Reading to your 1 month old helps develop listening skills, introduces new vocabulary, and begins to teach your child about the world around them!
    *NOTE* Check out this article from Time for great suggestions of books to read to your infant!
  • Limit “Brexting” – This is reference to using your smart phone all the time when you feed.  I used it for a timing app – to time the feeds and remember how long on which side.  Then I’d switch into a quick check in on social media.  I’m not saying never pick up your phone, just to stop and give your baby time to bond with your face instead of a distant stare as you glaze at your phone.  Having your phone as entertainment as a new mum can be a life line!

The most important thing you can do for your child at this young age is pay attention, and engage with them as much as possible, the rest will follow!

What does your baby love right now?



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