Summer is just around the corner, and that means there is still plenty of time to arrange your baby’s first barbecue. You might want to check how early babies can eat BBQ food on After that, Invite your friends over, bring in the neighbours and get the family on the phone because we’re going to have some fun grilling up some tasty chicken and sumptuous sausages. But first, there are a few little tricks that will help ensure the food you cook is tantalisingly tasty for your little one.

Picking The Right Barbecue

This might sound like a fairly basic place to start, but it’s actually a very smart piece of advice. You need to make sure that you have a barbecue you know how to cook with and that is ready for a delicious evening meal. You’re going to have two main choices here. You can either opt for charcoal, pellet barbecue or you can choose a gas powered grill. It’s your choice, but there is a little bit of a benefit from the former option. A charcoal grill actually is far better if you want that smokey, taste of burned meat.

You’re also going to want to make sure that you buy a barbecue with a lid. Again, it sounds like basic advice, but there are plenty that come without them. The benefit of the lid is that it traps all that flavour inside, ensuring your meat is delicious. Fancy getting the best deluxe barbecue on the market? You might want to check out a site such as Yoder Smokers provide the two top benefits that we have mentioned here and just so much more. They could be the number one pick if you’ve never bought a barbecue before.

Patience Is Key

If you want your meat to taste great, you need to wait for the right time to cook. Despite flame grilled being the popular term, you shouldn’t try and cook your meat when the flames are high. Wait for them to go down and make sure the pellets are white hot. This is the optimum temperature to cook at and will give you the delicious flavour you crave.

It’s also worth testing the temp to make sure you’re cooking with the right heat. Apparently, the best way to do this is with your hand. Hold it 12 cm over the grill. If you can hold it there for two seconds before moving it, that’s around about the right heat.

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Get Your Hands Dirty

Don’t bother buying burgers from a shop. Instead, make your own, rolling the meat into balls and then squishing it flat, though not too flat. You want your burgers to be nice and juicy. You can find a great recipe for burgers on Oh and don’t forget to add some herbs, spices, and seasoning to give them that extra zing of flavour.

Don’t Forget The Veg

My last little piece of advice would be to make sure that you don’t forget about the veg with your barbecue. After all you need to make sure your little one gets all their veg, even with a special meal like this. That can be grilled up beautifully too to give you a lovely light smokey flavour on your veg. Try it, and we think you’ll always want to grill up some peppers and onions when you next have a BBQ.


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