Hey Mums!

This was a hot tip passed onto me by one of the gorgeous mums in my mothers group… Baby Einstein…

I’m not a mum to park my kid in front of a screen, so I’ve held off using this for a little while, but now my boy is 1 year old and wanting to sit on me while I work.  This has become a life saver.

I could title this, how to blog with a baby climbing on you…  Really that’s relatively easy – set up two screens and play baby einstein one one of them while you work on the other screen.

At first I bought a DVD – so old school!  Then I realised you can actually watch a lot of this on youtube.  If you have an apple TV you can airplay it to your main TV.  It’s pretty handy for learning how to chat with your baby and educate them at the same time.

Here’s two that my little man has enjoyed, when I’ve needed to get some work done.




Enjoy! Have you got a favourite episode?


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