About mumtips

Pic of me and baby Jack
Pic of me and baby Jack

Hey I’m Shona,

The founder and CEO of Socialface, owner of this blog and mama to a gorgeous boy.

Truth…  I found being a new mum challenging – who doesn’t right….

Challenging not in the ways most people find – feeding, sleep and trying to work it all out.  I found it lonely and tough to entertain my new tiny and very precious little boy. Whenever I got a chance, I got online to try and work out what else I could do, what could I add to my toolbox so I didn’t feel like a crazy, exhausted play-school teacher at the end of each day.  There was SO much information available, the challenge, simply not having the time to find the most relevant stuff at the right time.  I was trying too hard and not just being in the moment and enjoying the wild ride.

The idea here, is to bring you a collection of the most interesting articles from around the massive online world, so you can come to just one place and find tips, tools and inspiration in just one place.  If you need something and you can’t find it, let us know and our trusty new mum helpers will get to work to help you find the new mum information you need.  We’ll search online and you focus being the best mum you can be for your precious baby – deal?

These days….  We’ve found our groove as a happy little family, we’ve travelled around Australia in a Caravan for 10 months and relocated to live the UK for a while so we have Europe on our door step.  These days I don’t feel lost in the haze of sleep deprivation, I am a mum, a business owner, a blogger and a chaser of vitality, adventure and happiness and I’d love you to join me as I navigate the various stages of parenthood and life in general.

If you’re new to the mum gig, don’t stress, you’ve got this!  Enjoy the ride of finding the new version of yourself as a mum.