One thing is for sure, if the little ones are uncomfortable on vacation they will let you know about it, and then everyone’s break will be ruined. That is why it’s hugely important to prioritise their comfort both during travel; and when you have arrived at your destination. Something that you get the lowdown on in the post below.

Car journeys

Apart from the correct car seat, there are a few other items you will need to take to ensure your kids are as comfortable on a car journey as possible. One is a pillow, as this can be placed between your child and the window or their head and the car seat and make it much more pleasant for them to sleep. The same goes for a blanket, and the added cosiness and warmth of this can be very comforting for kids on a longer trip.

It’s also worth considering investing in blinds for the window in the back of your vehicle as well. This is because they can be pulled down if its bright outside, which can not only help the kids take nap but also makes it easier for them to use their electronic devices like tablets and games without having to deal with glare.

Plane journeys

Littles ones on plane journeys can be problematic, especially if they decide they are bored, or uncomfortable. Luckily, there are many strategies you can use to keep them, and the other surrounding passengers as happy as possible. After all, it’s pretty hard for anyone to have a relaxing flight if there isn’t an infant or toddler screaming for the entire journey!

One method to consider is to invest in special seating pads or hammocks that transform plane seats into much more comfy and cosy space for children. In fact, by using these, they can curl up and hopefully sleep a reasonable amount of the journey away! Something that is particularly beneficial if it’s a long haul flight.

Keeping the little ones comfy on the plane is crucial.

Of course, ensuring that you have enough entertainment to keep your kids amused on a flight is a genius idea as well. In fact, smart mums buy cheaper things like colouring books, and pencils, games, and reading books for the dollar store and then wrap up each individual item in paper. Then, when the kids start to get antsy or bored, you can bring out a new surprise treat item, and this should hopefully keep them engaged for a while longer.

Travel clothes

Also, when it comes to long journeys whether they are by plane or car, or even train, don’t forget to dress the kids as comfortable as possible. What this means is that if you are in your own transport, pyjamas are best as they are soft, so will help the kids feel relaxed.

Alternately, if you are on public transport, something like a sweatsuit is another excellent alternative because it provides much of the same benefits. Also be sure to pack extra warm socks within easy reach, as its commonplace for little one to want to kick off their shoes when on a journey, but because they aren’t moving around the feet can get cold quickly.  

Hotel rooms & other accommodation

Wherever possible, picking accommodation that allows you enough space as a family to spread out in is vital. What this means is that if you do need to go for a hotel, a larger room with space for a crib or even a suite is a better choice if you can afford it. After all, if you are all stuck in a small area with a screaming child for days on end, it can easily scupper any rest or fun you plan to have while on vacation.

Even better is leasing accommodation that you have sole access to like an apartment or villa. Then, as a family, you will be able to spread out and even allow the kids to make a bit of mess sometime without the space being overrun and things becoming unsustainable.

Of course, it’s important to make sure that no matter what type of accommodation that you pick, you take the items that are necessary for caring for the kids while you’re away. This will include basics such as a changing mat, and stroller, and even a high chair if one isn’t provided, Although it’s much easier to check to see that one is included where you are staying. Otherwise, you may not be able to fit any of your own essential items into your suitcase.

Beaches and hot climates

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Of course, tailoring the clothes and shoe that you take with you for the kids is essential to their comfort while you are on holiday. In warmer climates, cotton and linen blend are best because they are breathable and lightweight.

Also, don’t forget to include hats to keep the sun off of your children’s neck and heads, and whole body swimsuits will also keep them safe from UV rays while playing in the water of the swimming pool or ocean.

Remember too that comfortable, breathable shoes like the sandals available from Kit & Kate are vital. After all, there is often a great deal of walking to be done on holiday, and the kids certainly won’t be happy doing this if their footwear if too hot or is causing blisters.

Snow and colder climates

Lastly, if you plan on taking the little onto an environment that will be colder than what they are used to remember that the key to their comfort is layered closings. In fact, this can work particularly well because as they move around a warm up, they can remove layers to prevent overheating.


Outerwear that is both warm and waterproof is also crucial, especially in wet or snowy environments, as this provides a protective layer that prevents moisture getting next to the skin. Something that can easily cause a significant body temperature drop, and as its harder for younger children to regular their body temperature anyway, will be a situation that you will definitely want to avoid if you are aiming to keep them and comfortable as possible while on holiday.

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