It’s nice to hope that adding a new member to your family will be all smiles and cuddling, but the truth rears it’s ugly head almost instantly.

This usually happens on the ride home from the hospital, when the reality sets in of how nice it was to have all those nurses checking in and lending a helping hand, and you begin to wonder how you could go about kidnapping one without getting caught!

Maybe you could sneak back into the hospital, undetected of course. Then, get the attention of your favourite nurse by sweetly asking for some help with your new gorgeous bundle, and when you’ve got her away from prying eyes, you grab her and sneak her out the back door where your darling spouse is waiting with the car running!

Being a parent is complicated at the best of times, but there is a way to simplify your days, head off difficulty, and feel confident as a Mum, without having to risk the jail time that comes with a kidnapping charge…


Preparing for the usual hiccups in your day is the best way to succeed as a Mum with just your own two hands, without feeling like you need twelve!

These 9 things every new mum should have in her nappy bag can save you from those breaking points that can happen when you encounter the awful combination of something messy and unexpected happening, and being out in public when it does!

  • Nappies
    I know, I know, kind of obvious, so I figured I’d get it out there right off the bat! Always remember to over pack nappies just in case. If you are out for an hour, and think you’ll need 1 nappy…bring 3!
    Chances are the only time you will need 3 is when you don’t have them packed, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!
  • Wipes
    Lots and lots of wipes!
    These will become a staple in your household once you have kids, and can be used for everything under the sun, not just your little one’s tiny bum! From the little spills, to the day when your baby surprises you with a blowout nappy in a public bathroom (trust me, it will happen!), wipes will save the day!
    Always keep a full pack handy, you’ll be glad you did!
    Read more about low tox healthier baby wipes.
  • Stain Remover Stick
    Having a “bleach pen” (stain remover, laundry stick, whatever you want to call it!) handy will save your wardrobe and your wallet when inevitable spills happen.
    Being able to treat stains quickly and easily will ensure you don’t need to keep replacing clothing again and again.
  • Extra Clothes
    Top, bottom and socks for baby is usually top of mind, but what about clothes for you as well?! Ideally you can bring a top and bottoms for yourself, but if you’re tight for space, a top and spare bra will do. Don’t get stuck with drool, spit-up, or leaks front and center on your outfit, ruining your few moments of freedom out with other adults!
  • Extra Pacifier/Stuffed Animal
    Whatever your baby’s “safety item” is…have a backup! There’s nothing worse than a pacifier or teddy bear going missing, and having to hunt high and low, retracing your steps, trying to track down the magical item your baby has decided makes everything in the world ok again!
  • Water
    A bottle of water seems simple, but it is a must for two reasons:
    1) Hydration for you, as well as mixing formula if needed.
    2) If you don’t have access to water, you’ll be glad you have a bottle when something needs a quick clean.
  • Sanitizer
    This isn’t as much for the items you are carrying, but to make sure you aren’t delivering any unwelcome germs to baby!
    There are so many things we can pick up on simple trips to a friend’s house or the shopping mall, so having sanitizer handy for a quick clean before handling your little one (or their things) is always a good idea!
    *Note-Please do not use sanitizer on anything your child could put in their mouth! If anything like this needs cleaning, stick with water.
  • Plastic bags
    You’d be surprised how many times a plastic bag will come and save the day as a new Mum! Whether you need to bag up soiled nappies/wipes, or keep dirty clothes from clean ones within your nappy bag, you’ll want to have 2-3 of these folded up in your bag at all times.
  • Receiving blanket
    Whether it be to bundle up against some unexpected weather, cover an impromptu changing area, wrap up little toes when socks inevitably go missing (they always do!), or clean up a small mess in a bind, a receiving blanket has many uses, and should definitely earn a spot in your “bag of tricks” when you head out the door!

In all honesty, there is no real way of being prepared for everything, kids are excellent at throwing the unexpected your way on a regular basis! But if you can prepare as much as you can for the anticipated bumps in the road, then the additional ones won’t throw you off your game nearly as easily!

If you’re hunting for the perfect nappy bag, you may like to take a look at our review of the Pacapod Nappy Bag.

Let us know, when have you been “caught out” and what did you add to your nappy bag after the “incident”?