Sponsored Post – Keter Multi-Dine Highchair

I have a child who hates spoons or being fed by anyone but his own tiny, grubby, gorgeous hands.

I have a drawer full of soft tip baby spoons and am working my way through to see if I can find one that “works”  For the record these have been the most successful to date.

As a diligent new mum, I got all the gear to perfectly introduce solids.  I pureed Annabel Karmel meals from scratch and he hated them all. (how great you can buy them frozen now!) Lips clenched, head moving every direction away from the spoon.

One day he got his hands into it, I have a finger food carb craving mini maniac and I love it.  It’s deliciously messy and always an adventure.  Think both hands in and full fists of food being smashed into his gorgeous face with such enthusiasm, it’s like he’s never eaten before.

 So far at 9 months old, these are some finger foods we’ve had success with.

  • Soft fruit wedges – pears, peaches, nectarines, apples, apricots
  • Avocado on toast
  • Grated Cheese
  • Blueberries
  • Grapes – halved and peeled of course
  • Sweet corn fritters – tip add some extra veggies to the mix
  • Quesadilla – OK so avocado, cheese and frozen corn kernals toasted in a wholegrain wrap
  • Banana toast
  • Eggy Bread
  • Omelette cut into fingers
  • Steamed veggies
  • Baby Rice stars with pureed sauce and cheese to chunky it up for his little fists
  • Baby Pasta with sweet potato puree, cheese and basil
  • Casserole pureed and on pasta
  • Minestrone soup – on baby pasta Essentially, I’m working through all of the diligently homemade purees and adding them to pasta to thicken them up, so they are easier to grab than mush.I’m lucky to be given some fabulous products to review and when it comes to feeding the Keter Multi-Dine chair is much more than I expected and perfect for a self feeding food lover.
    Keter Multi Dine 3-in-1 high chair

    Here are my 5 things to love about the Keter Multi Dine chair –

  1. It has a removable tray cover – before I started the solids journey, I hadn’t considered how valuable it would be for a child that rejected spoons and bowls and loved nothing more than food items on his tray that he could eat at will.   Meal over… save the smearing, a quick wipe of the grubby hands, whip the tray off and you’re half way through the clean up. Seriously, you pop it in the sink and wash it like a plate, seriously handy – and I know it’s cleaner than just wiping down a fixed tray.  Think about it, you wouldn’t just wipe your dinner plate with a chux or anti bacterial wipe and eat off it the next meal…. would you?
  2. It’s three chairs in one, so you save on space around your house and money as it’s a few items in one.  Anything that grows with your baby is a good, right! When your baby is small and just starting to sit, you can use it on the ground as a booster, then add the legs and it’s a highchair.  Shorten the legs and it’s a toddler chair. Strap it to a regular dining chair as a booster at the table.  The tray is removable and adjustable, so you can move it forwards or back as your little one grows
  3. This chair is super functional, all of the pieces store in the base of the chair.  This makes it perfect for travelling. It’s compact and helps make meal times on the go so much easier.
  4. Safety first, this seat has a 5 point harness.  Before my little one was born I had already decided on the standard ikea white highchair for $25.  You could hose it off, when it got messy and it was $25! Whats not to love! The first thing – the fact that my little wriggler thinks nothing of a lap sash and would likely turn himself inside out to get away from the dreaded spoon, which makes the lightweight ikea option a little less attractive from a safety perspective.  The Keter Multi-dine has straps on the shoulders and a higher back, which seems to keep him more comfortably secure.
  5. It’s easy to clean, the seat liner comes out and can be quickly cleaned and dried.
  6. The box is an awesome additional toy and big enough for a few good games and baby entertainment! Take a look at the chair in action in this youtube clip.

    The only things I don’t love:
    1. The white safety harness – carrot has killed that pristine look!
    2. The removable tray didn’t take too many weeks for my little man to work out how to rip it off when he was done, sending everything to the floor.

    The chair is a little more expensive than some of the others on the market at $249 RRP. The fact the chair has multiple functions would even up the spend when you consider buying booster seats etc.

    Interested?  Buy one here.

    Have you got a fussy eater?  Let us know if you have any great inspiration on tasty finger foods, fresh ideas and inspiration is always great!