At 9 months, your little one is becoming a little “busy body”, and you’re probably beginning to question every decorating decision you’ve made in your house up to this point!

Baby proofing must be done to the nines, and you’re trying really hard to grow eyes in the back of your head in an attempt to keep up with all the movement!

9 months is an age where the different rates at which children each develop become very apparent, and it’s important to remember that this is normal…and that there is no normal! Some children may start speaking but aren’t mobile, while others are practically trying to run, but you can’t get a “Mama” out of them to save your life!

Just enjoy the ride!

Check out some of these helpful links for tips on supporting your child’s development at this age!

  • Understanding Your Child’s Developmental Pace
    The differences in how children learn and develop will present themselves from now on, so get used to it!
  • Games For Learning To Walk
    Try some of these creative games to strengthen your child’s body so they are equipped properly to start getting up on two feet!
  • Stair Safety
    Teaching your children how to safely move up and down stairs is important to teach as young as possible!
  • Shoes? Not Yet!
    There can be some differing opinions on this one, but generally it is better for your child to develop their walking skills barefoot to help strengthen the ankles and arches. Shoes don’t need to come into play until they are ready for regular walking outside.
  • Simple Interaction Games
    Your child will begin to enjoy simple passing games, like rolling a ball back and forth, or passing a stuffed animal, so get down on the ground with them and have some fun!
  • Careful Conversation!
    Watch what you talk about around your little one! While it can be tempting to speak as though they don’t understand what you’re saying, just because they cannot speak to you yet doesn’t mean they don’t understand!
  • Reading To Babies
    Since your baby can in fact understand words they hear regularly, it’s important to make sure you are introducing new words, in new ways, on a daily basis through reading.
  • Separation Anxiety Peaks
    Separation anxiety will peak for the next couple of months, so warn relatives that your child just needs to adjust, and let them make the first move instead of the adult.
  • Encourage Your Baby To Talk
    Try some of these fun games to start encouraging your baby to talk!
  • Baby Superfoods
    Check out this handy list of some of the best foods you can feed your growing baby at this age of daily development!

Don’t you wish they’d just stay tiny for that little bit longer? Hard to believe that your baby has now been outside as long as they were inside!


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