At 8 months old your baby is practically a pro athlete compared to just a few months ago! They are sitting well, and possibly even on the move!

Your little one is probably still in a place emotionally where they suffer separation anxiety when you are out of sight, and haven’t quite reached the point where they can connect the fact that you always return!

Their sight is improving to the point where they can recognise people and objects across the room, which is a great motivation to work out their new mobility muscles!

Check out these helpful links for tips on supporting your 8 month old’s development!

  • Babyproof everything!
    Your little one is on the move, so baby proof as best you can since this is the beginning of lots of bumps and falls to come! Stay close, but don’t hinder your child’s chance to grow and explore!
  • Concussions in infants
    Not the most fun topic, but important information to have if your baby gets a good bump on the head.
  • The Pincer Grasp
    As your child begins to master a pinching type grasp “using only their thumb and index finger) it’s important to give them the chance to practice. Allow play with smaller items so they can do this under direct supervision of an adult to prevent anything finding it’s way into their mouth!
  • Aims to please!
    Now is a great time to encourage the behaviours you want to see in your baby, as they will recognise actions that get a positive reaction from you, and will do more of them in response!
  • Separation Anxiety
    Separation anxiety will still be an issue for the next little while. The best thing you can do is remember to reassure your little one before you leave that you love them, and you will be back soon!
  • New Actions
    Beginning to explore new ways to manipulate objects, try to give your child toys that allow them to tap, twist, squeeze, bounce, etc.
  • Finger Foods
    It’s game on with finger foods! Have some fun with the initial “menu”, and be sure that you make something you like to eat as well so you can demonstrate how it’s done!
  • Activities
    Try some of these developmental activities to keep your baby on track!
  • Sleeping enough?
    Make sure your baby is getting enough sleep throughout the day and night to support all their new found adventure skills!
  • Stand Up!
    Now is a great time to encourage your child to start pulling up to a standing position with the help of toys, furniture, or you!

Batten down the hatches, is your baby on the move?