Your bouncing baby is 7 months old now, and doing just that! Now that they have had a chance to build up their strength, they will bounce, bounce, bounce, all day long!

Your little one can also sit on their own (perhaps even get into a seated position from lying down!), which frees up their hands for lots of sensory exploration!

Bouncing, sitting, reaching, and babbling away, your 7 month old is a going concern that will be showing new skills almost daily!

Check out these helpful links for tips on supporting your 7 month old’s development!

  • Sippy Cups
    Your little one is able to get a better grasp on small objects at this age, and can start learning to use a sippy cup with handles to explore some independence!
  • It’s Going To Get Loud!
    Be prepared, because there is a long list of items your baby is going to want to bang together and hear the sounds, just because they can!
  • Teething Tips
    Yes, this is still going on! While teething can start as early as 3 months, and as late as 12, these tips for helping baby through this discomfort will always come in handy!
  • Testing Your Authority?
    No, you don’t have a little teenager on your hands (yet, anyway!). While it can seem like your baby is testing your authority by not listening, the truth is they can’t remember what you just said a few seconds ago, so try not to take it personally when they grab the phone off the table anyway! Just remind them “No”, and distract them with something else!
  • Separation Anxiety
    Your baby will become more aware at this age of when you are not around (even if you are just out of sight) and will make it known when they aren’t happy about it!
  • Learning How Objects Relate
    Learning how objects relate in the real world is a big part of your 7 month old’s development, so encourage play with different sized block, balls, stackable objects, etc. to allow them to manipulate and experiment with them.
  • Stuffed Animals
    Your baby will probably find their favourite security “stuffy” around this age, so make sure they have solid, well sewn, machine washable, safe options to choose from!
  • Repetition is King!
    Baby will love the repetition of certain games and activities, enjoying the predictability they are able to reply on at 7 months!
  • Finger Foods (Optional!)
    If your child has sprouted some of their teeth already, now can be a great time to start introducing some simple finger foods in their diet!
  • Crawling
    Your child may start turning their rolling skills into crawling around this time, so make sure you are prepared with a baby proofed home, because once they get moving, there’s no stopping them!

How are your arms?  If they are tired from all of the bouncing and jumping, you are not alone!